PCOS/Insulin Resistance Support Support for us with any of the following: Insulin Resistance, Syndrome X, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, or other endocrine disorders.

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Default Hello form Vancouver

Hi I'm a 21 year old woman from Vancouver Canada. I'm 5'10, and 225 pounds (two years ago I was 147 pounds). I'v had PCOS for 8 years, and I have the common syptoms: excess body hair, overweight, acne, missed periods, and depresstion.

I find when I look after my health through herbs, vitamins, exercise, diet, AND treating myself with love and kindness my PCOS is almost symptom free. Other then having some body hair. After a year of debilitating depresstion I'm ready to take care of my self again. I'v taken some courses in Herbology, I'm working in a health food store, and I'm taking supplements for balancing hormones. The only things I really need help and encouragment with is eating habits and excersice. For many years I was a vegitarian ( other then fish) ate tones of veggies and fruit, drank spring water, and worked out at the gym daily.

The problem now is my living situation. My Boyfriend whom I live with eats HORRIBEL foods..pizza, chips, burgers, fries, and coke; and thats IT nothing else..ever!! its very hard to have these junky fat filled, foods in my house ALL the time and to have someone cooking them and offering them to me everyday..and saying no. He finds the healthy food I cook gross and won't eat it. However I'm not going to put my health and life at risk anymore anymore. If my boyfriend chosses not to care about his body thats his buisness... because I can't change him Unfortunuatly.

Anyways with that said what I'm looking for is to give and recive support form other women with PCOS who want to live more healthfuly.

Thanks for reading my page.

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