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Exclamation Is my doctor crazy?

So I'm just now coming to terms with having pcos. I've been in denial for about a year and a half now (which isn't a good thing). My symptoms are weight gain (about 5 lbs a month), irritability, fatigue, infrequent periods (sometimes only twice a year and sometimes twice a month) hair growth, cramps, high blood pressure, and Lord knows what I'm forgetting. So my dr is taking blood tests and at the end of the month he wants me to get mirena inserted. Through my research on mirena it suggests that women that have not had children not get it and that it cold also cause cystic ovaries. My logical brain is thinking 'isn't this what i'm trying to cure? Also I've never had children or even had miscarriages. Does anyone have any experience with mirena? Also does anyone know of any home remedies or suppliments I should be trying?
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Hi there, I don't post a lot, but the IUDs of today are nothing like the ones we heard were harmful in the past. If he thinks it's something that could help you, it's worth checking out. I hope you feel better soon!
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I don't know that much about IUDs as I have never had one. But I think the lady at the family planning clinic said they were mostly made of plastic now so they are not as harmful as they used to be. There are risks with every contraceptive I suppose but it seems to say that if cysts do occur with the Mirena then they disappear after two or three months. So maybe that's what your doctor is thinking? Maybe all the cysts, old and new, will disappear after a few months?
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I would think twice about Mirena, just last night I saw a warning about them on TV.
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Originally Posted by bargoo View Post
I would think twice about Mirena, just last night I saw a warning about them on TV.
hmm, I have to agree with this. This is one of the products I was researching. You should pull up user reviews on youtube. You can also do a general google search for mirena reviews. Everyone is different and will react different to each type of birthcontrol method, so I can't say your experience would be good or bad, but based on what I read, I decided against it. However, I do not have pcos.
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I expect he is thinking that he wants your periods regulated and for you to have less bleeding, and mirena can do that, without as many systemic side effects of something like the pill. You could also ask the doctor about the nuva ring if you feel uncomfortable about mirena, but want some of the same benefits. hope the two of you find a solution right for you.
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Originally Posted by bargoo View Post
I would think twice about Mirena, just last night I saw a warning about them on TV.
I just googled and I too would certainly think twice. There are some pretty serious warnings, and one woman posted that she had to have it surgically removed. Also, one of the side effects listed is weight gain.
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I had mirena for 5 years (till I had to get it removed as it has lived it's life) I loved it. It made life so easy. I never had issues

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