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Default Any Wiccan Mommies here?

I was so in love with this site before finding this board. Now, I'm HOME! :

I have a 9 year old daughter that has been asking a lot of questions about Wicca. My books are kept on a shelf in her room (small house) and I've never exactly been quiet about my beliefs. The thing is that we're in a small town in Texas where people are less than understanding of beliefs-not-their-own.
I'm trying to find some good books and websites that I can use to help teach her more. I bought her Silver Ravewolf's "Teen Witch" for her birthday, and it looks like a good start.
Any one have any suggestions as to what else I can do? She just turned 9, but is pretty bright.
Thanks So much,
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I am a Wicca Mommy too. My kids haven't asked too many questions yet. I try to keep it pretty quiet...I'm from a small town too. Have you read "Simple Wicca"? That may be a good book to start her with.
Good luck and bright blessings!
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Hi ladies! I am a mommy, as well as a Pagan, mostly Wiccan but with enough variances that I feel more honest when I use the term "eclectic". Anyway, my little guy is still very young (under 2) but I have no reason to hide anything from him. We say a nightly prayer to the Lord and the Lady before bed, we go outside often and look at the moon, he's got his own collection of crystals and gemstones that he loves to play with (with supervision, of course), etc. Now, hiding from the in-laws, that's a different story... so when he gets old enough to talk about such things I'm sure I'll have my hands full!

I just bought the book "Circle Round" that is by 3 authors.... Starhawk is the only one I can think of off-hand. It's great so far with lots of ideas for incorporating your kids into rituals, crafts, and there seem to be a lot of ideas for talking about your spirituality with them, and explaining things to them. Maybe this book could help you.

Good luck!

Cindy B.
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I have 4 children. My sons (18 and 11) are not really interested in spiritual matters much but my daughters (14 and 22 months) are right little witches. Because I found my faith when my 3 older kids were still small, they weren't raised as openly with Paganism but I'm remarried to a wonder Pagan man and we have a young daughter who is being raised in our traditions. I can recommend 3 books off the top of my head. Here are the reviews we've got listed on our website (I think I only actually wrote the middle review but I love all these books):

Circle Round : Raising Children in Goddess Traditions; Starhawk
"Circle Round" is a wonderful resource for parents of any religion who want to teach their children a reverence for nature. The authors show that the practice of Earth-centred spirituality is not a once-a-week break from the rest of our lives, it is embodied--woven into our eating, sleeping, working, playing, and even breathing. The book's three main sections cover the eight seasonal holidays of the Pagan calendar, the human life-cycle, and the elements. Each section contains activities and rituals, including stories and recipes, and covers the basics while weaving in many unexpected gems. Suggestions range from the widely-practiced (carving pumpkins on Samhain- - the Pagan New Year, a.k.a. Halloween) to ones that would seem 'out there' to all but the most open-minded of families (a community-wide 'first blood' ritual celebrating a girl's first period). contemporary fable for Brigit (the holiday marking the beginning of Spring), and many beautiful ideas for celebrating pregnancy and birth.

Raising Witches: Teaching the Wiccan Faith to Children; Ashleen O'Gaea.
This book centres on a Wiccan coven or group setting but all of the rituals and ideas would be very simple to convert to any Pagan belief system and for solitary use. It isn't just a book full of cutesy Sabbat suggestions (which are great, don't get me wrong!) but is, in essence, a book about child development that "introduces and explains the concept of Regency Parenting, an exciting, new Pagan-sensitive approach to raising children in which emphasis is taken off parental power over children and is placed on the importance of helping children grow and reach their full potential as adults". I was amazed at how much her ideas and theories of child development fall in line with mine. The only thing I disagree with is the bit about children taking part in Skyclad ritual. She doesn't say do it and in fact, strongly cautions against it if you are risk of being reported to Social Services, but she basically says it is up to the parent. I personally think no under-aged members of the Circle should be exposed to nudity. There are other ways of teaching respect and reverence for the human body. Other than that, I really recommend this book. (Garnet)


Celebrating the Great Mother : A Handbook of Earth-Honouring Activities for Parents and Children; Cait Johnson, Maura D. Shaw
This handbook of Earth-honouring activities for parents and children provides a family-oriented approach to the rituals of celebration, giving parents and adults insights into the spiritual experiences which will inspire kids and help them to understand holiday meanings. Techniques ranging from visualization to Tarot play are developed with kids in mind.
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Mummy: I have the first 2 you mentioned, but the 3rd one sounds good too. What is your website?

Cindy B.
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Great info ladies..I'll be on the hunt for those books!
Thanks so much,
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Red face

An Ordinary Girl, a Magical Child By W. Lyon Martin may be something your child can relate to.
And if it's anything like Buda, Texas was while I was growing up.. I can totally relate to the small town with no understanding.
Good luck. I haven't crossed this path yet myself, but with my little one's father moving to Texas to become a preacher (?!) she's been taught more about god and Jesus than the god and goddess aspect of many other religions. I'm waiting for her to be ready and to ask on her own, much like yours did.
Good luck!

Blessing Bright and Dark,
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I would love for my daughter to believe in my beliefs, but I decided long ago to let her decide on her own. I was raised Catholic and it was shoved down my throat! I hated it and I started doubting very early in life. Her father and his family are Lutheran, but have never requested to have her baptisted. So, I don't know how they would feel if she did decide to believe. She is very close to that side of her family.......and my family doesn't know about my beliefs, mostly because I am still exploring.
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Default UU Church

I go to a local UU Church in far west TX. The unitarian universalist community is amazing to me. An all faiths welcome church. Ours has a very big pagan group that is very active. Our president is actually Pagan.

The childrens classes covers all faiths and focuses on humanity issues. It is very in line with our Wiccan beliefs.

For the moment we use Circle Round a lot and homes to get the Pagan Homeschooling book this month as we homeschool our 7 year old daughter and will homeschool our month old son when he gets bigger. For now he just gets lots of baby time and loves, homeschooling is not so different.

For us though, church is very helpful when it comes to faith and the kids.

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I am aslo a pagan mom, with a christian husband, lol. We attend the UU church in Hagerstown MD and our pagan group is called the Queen of Heaven Circle. It's a great group. We also started a chapter of SpiralScouts for the children.

My kids know both, actually very basic with both. My husband is not very active in his church and I respect his wishes and tell the girls some, but not in detail till they are older.

I have the circle Round book and CD and love it. My girls love the songs.
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Arrow Spiral Scouts

There is a group called Spiral Scouts. You and other Pagan parents may be interested in joining or contancting them for advice on how to handle closed minded individuals.

Here is the link to their page:

Be well!

Goal ticker for 12/31/06

Final goal ticker

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Red face I'm a Wiccan Mommy

I've been Wiccan for a long time, as odd as it is now I'm married to a devout Lutheran (conversations around my house get interesting alot of the times HAHA) My grandmother-in-law calls me a "Daughter of the Devil" . I laugh and go on.

I'm not raising my son as a Wiccan, Lutheran or whatever, its whatever he wants to pursue is what I want him to choose what he wants. We have family friends of pretty much every faith, diversity is important to me and I believe it will give my son a well rounded path and idea of things.

I myself have been a non-denominational Christian, a Southern Baptist (for a while) and have studied the Catholic faith as well.

Growing up my father freaked out a bunch if I mentioned anything about witches, wiccan or even when I mentioned I wanted tarot cards. Come to find out that there is a history of Wiccans in my mothers side of the family. TMI? IDK but I like and find it very interesting.

Is anyone in Virginia Beach area?
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meant awkward* ....-_-;;
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Where in texas? I am in Richmond, southwest of houston. Hard to find any pagans around here =/
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I was about 9 or 10 when I was first interested in paganism and I started with Teen Witch, a gift from my aunt. I love that book and have read it cover to cover many times, it has tons of markings in it and the covers are all bent I also liked Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner by Scott Cunningham at that age. Not to toot my own horn, but I was a little ahead of my peers reading level wise so I'm not sure if that book is too mature but I thought it was readable and definitely held my attention.

I don't practice anymore but I still pick up the occasional book here or there because I love to learn about anything pagan/wiccan.
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I really enjoyed the book Elements of Witchcraft: Natural Magick for Teens by Ellen Dugan. It was the first book about Wicca I read, I found to it be very helpful with lots of good, practical information and advice.
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