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Default Blocking and procrastinating

I am crazy. I will overeat even my healthy non-trigger foods. I eat until I can hardly breathe knowing that when my stomach stretches insulin gets dumped into my blood stream and then I crave crazy sugar.
Here is where I messed up. I recently read about 80/10/10 way of eating and I mistakenly thought it made sense.
I won't even try to justify this illogical plan because it turned out to be a trap a way to trick me into thinking I can safely binge eat ...
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my friend just told me about this, how she eats mostly fruit all day, tons of bananas, half a watermelon for breakfast and a vegetable meal at night. it sounds interesting for a normal person to try out but total disaster for a binge/compulsive overeater IMO.
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Hang in there...
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Hey there, I'm new to the site so bare with me!
I do the same thing.... Anyone who were to look in my refrigerator would assume I've got the right idea. Tons of raw fruit & veg, fat-free greek yogurt, homemade almond milk, kimchi & ferments.... all the healthy things and none of the bad things. But I will binge out of control on nasty sugar-free stuff and even just fruit/yogurt... I have a sugar problem!
Yesterday I started using psyllium husk before eating a meal (Or a snack) and made it a point to start drinking more water and tea and hopefully this will trick me into thinking that I'm full and prevent me from binging.
Have you tried psyllium?
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On the eating fruit all day, that is ridiculous. How can you fuel your body on just fruit. I spent nearly a decade with issues with binging. It was because I'd eat little to nothing. Literally, I'd starve myself to be "thin", plus exercise. Then after some time, I'd binge because my body was starving. I could binge on anything junk, healthy food, didn't matter...Before all my pregnancies, I usually weighed about 160 lbs, still over weight. I'd lose 10-20 pounds then put it all back on super fast from binging.

Its took a lot of healing and time, but I stopped dieting, after my 2nd baby. I eat clean and run and weight lift. I was able to maintain a lower weight than I did with all the dysfunctional dieting. But I also wasn't "thin", I was fit.

I'll have the baby weight to lose, but I'm fitter now than I was when I was just starving and binging in my 20s. I jut stopped running about 2 weeks ago, but I am biking and walking (which is kind of boring to be honest!) and I am still weight lifting.

I eat a balanced, clean diet. I make sure every meal has a protein in it and a veggie. Bit I also each whole grains, some dairy like plain yogurt and fruits. And fats like coconut oil or nuts.

I don't know what kind of plans you all are following. I can only comment on what I used to do. Since I stopped all that "gotta be skinny" bs and started aiming to be fit, I don't binge anymore and (when not pregnant) I can maintain a lower weight, BUT I also don't need to try to get down to a really low weight. Because I am toned now, so while I maintain a higher weight, I am actually in a smaller pants size.
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