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Default How much fiber?

What's a good amount of fiber to get each day?
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From my reading tonight, it appears there is no official RDA for Fiber, but there is the "Percent Daily Values" on food labels in the US that has 25 grams as the daily goal.

According to The Mayo Clinic:

Boosting your fiber intake
How much fiber do you need each day? The National Academy of Sciences' Institute of Medicine, which provides science-based advice on matters of medicine and health, gives the following daily recommendations for adults:

Age 50 and younger: 25 grams
Age 51 and older: 21 grams

Age 50 and younger: 38 grams
Age 51 and older: 30 grams

For my 25 grams, I usually end up relying on stuff like "Fiber One" cereal, but if you Google "mayo clinic fiber", they have all kinds of healthy recommendations to boost your intake, including stuff not out of a cardboard box
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Wow, men need a lot of fiber...

Fiber One cereal is a good idea... or All Bran Yogurt Bites...

It can be really difficult to get a good amount of fiber into your diet, in general. I try to make a conscientious effort to do so, though.
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I aim for over 35 grams per day. If I eat a hf cereal in the morning I can easily get in well over that and usually more. I make sure to eat whole grains, plus lots of fruits and veggies.
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Since I have IBS, I strive for 50g. I've gotten up to 70 with no ill effects, but do remember to drink plenty of water when you eat lotsa fiber!! Lots of good tasting fiber things: La tortillas, fiber one, Flat out wraps, veggies, whole grains like bulgur wheat, quinoa. Whole wheat apstas and brown rice also give you a bit of a fiber boost.
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