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Default Considering WW...need insight!

I am pleased to say that two years ago I lost 96 lbs and have maintained the loss of 84 of those lbs two years later. It's the extra 12 that I'm aggravated about. I lost my weight by doing LA weight loss. I've tried to return to that program, but I am really struggling with keeping myself on my plan. I KNOW I need the help of someone/something else.

I am strongly considering WW. The times the meetings are is a problem for me, but I thought I would approach the leader and see if she might be willing to meet with me earlier or later. I can get in and weigh in; I just can't make it to the meetings because I teach classes within 15 minutes of when each of the meetings start.

Here's my fear: What if I try WW and instead of losing, I gain? THAT would be REALLY REALLY frightening for me. Though I've regained 12 lbs, I don't want to regain more; and I WORK at keeping my weight where it is.

What would some of you who are WW members and have done other weight loss programs advise? I have considered doing LA to go, but it's a phone call weight loss program now, and I think I need more than that. I'm just really scared that I'll gain when I go on the program, and then have made the financial commitment to WW and know that I can't do it.

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I didn't pay a dime for WW, and do it at home on my own. I got the info from my friend who was on it and she was VERY successful. I started WW at 187 and am down to 133. I find it very easy and if I fall off track, I easily get back on by food journaling. I love it because all the food you need is at the store and is basically up to you. I had tried South Beach and Atkins and had never been able to stick to the plans. I never lost more than eight pounds. I wish I had done WW years ago and gotten down to the size I am now; I would have been much happier. I found the formula online and just used a regular calculator. If you need any info or help, just private message me. You do it it for free, though, know that. If you want to see before and afters, I have them posted on my blog and under the goal section of pics. I went from a tight size 14 to a size 4-6. I would say WW is the most user friendly diet out there. My opinion, but I have loved the experience and have nothing bad to say about it.
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It looks to me like you have a pretty good track record. Keeping off 84 pounds for two years is pretty awesome.
If you really can't make it to the meetings maybe you should consider the online momentum/flex WW. I have been doing it for about a month, so I'm no specialist by any means, but that's what I like about it - you don't have to be a specialist. The way I see it so far - the Momentum/Flex is not really a diet, it's a collection of tools and great information. Basically it's an awesome journaling system that lets you make your own choices and keep track of what you eat.
I cook A LOT since I'm on a budget and don't like processed foods (just personal choice), so I use the recipe calculator all the time. It's this great little tool where you plug in all your ingredients and number of servings and it tells you the points. I have used similar tools (only with calories instead of points) on other websites (send me a message if you want to know, I'm not sure if we're allowed to post other websites on the public forum). My biggest complaint about the other recipe calculators though is that they aren't always as user friendly and may not have the greatest ingredient database. The WW calculator is the best I have ever used so far.
I am pretty happy with the WW so far, I hope this helps you make your decision and please feel free to ask if you have other questions.
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i love WW!! I dont pay anymore, i cant really afford it but i still have all my materials and counting points is so easy! and the system works! i lost 82lbs 3 years ago, but have gained 30lbs over the last 2 years because i just stopped watching what i ate, and starting eating out a ton with my boyfriend! but anyways i would recommend weight watchers!
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I've just started on WW and I think it's definitely worth trying out. The plan really encourages you to eat healthily. I stuck to my points and didn't think I'd lost any weight but I was wrong! It feels lovely to have rules I can lean on, and I've really learnt a lot about food, even in 2 weeks.

(If I stick to my points religiously but don't lose weight for weeks and weeks I might stop loving it so much... )

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I do WW online only now - I find it difficult to get to meetings and when I want to stay then I get home really late (it's complicated - I work very far from home, so I go to a meeting in the city where I work; if I want to go where I live I never would make it on time).

You will and can lose weight on any program really. But I find counting points to be easier on my brain (vs. counting calories - major kudos to people who can do that!!) though I have to say... when I JOURNAL every day and PLAN AHEAD I lose more consistently than when I don't.

Point being: no matter what you do, you will need to really commit to it to be successful.
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Weight Watcher meetings works for me...lost 45+lbs..when I stopped going to WW meetings, gained 18lbs!
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