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Default I didn't eat the whole thing!

Today I went out to my favorite pizza place. They have a lunch special thatís a 9 inch thin crust for $5.40. I looove the sausage thin crust, and in the past when Iíve gone there, Iíve eaten the whole thing and felt and gross and full and went back to work. Today my plan was that I would order the lunch special, but get a box right away and put half in it. I doubted myself a few times that I would have the will power to do itÖbut I did! I asked for a box right away, and put half the pizza in there. And I didnít even feel that I wasnít getting enough or that I would be hungry. I did cheat a little by having two bites of my friend garlic cheese bread, but overall I am coming back from lunch with a good feeling!
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That's great Allikat, look at that self control.
Good Job!
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That really is awesome. It honestly is really hard to do that because I am so used to sitting down in a restaurant and finishing EVERY single little piece on my plate. I think I am going to start doing this. Awesome Job!!!
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I think that is great! That is the hardest thing to do and you DID IT!!!!!
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mmm nutella
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I did the same today!!

my family ordered pizza and I allowed myself 2 small slices and didn't eat any more. I was starving when I sat down and as soon as I bit into it I started to doubt myself, I wanted more!

but the feeling I have now is better than the maybe 5 minutes I would have spent scarfing down that pizza.
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Congratulations, that showed restraint. WTG.
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Going goal.
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That's great! Congrats to you!! I'm a sucker for pizza.
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You did GREAT, Allikat! And LOL the fact that you even consider two bites of bread "cheating" speaks highly of you! If you are like most of us in the past cheating would have meant eating the whole pizza and washing it down with Coke, with a side of cheesecake, etc.
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Wow, that' some self control you have there. Good idea with the box.
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Very good for you! That's a great accomplishment.

I recently had a somewhat similar experience. I went to a buffet, and boy are those a dieters challenge! But I tried something new and tried to fill up on all the luscious veggies and I left the restaurant not only having enjoyed a good meal, but also with good feelings about my sense of self-control.
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Way to go! It's so hard to exercise portion control when restaurants serve us enough food for four people on one plate - your box idea is great. i think I'll use that next time I go out!
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