Mini-Goals Even if you're not at goal yet, this is the place to share your successes and achievements along the way! Success can be measured in many ways besides the scales. Tell us about your triumphs, including Non Scale Victories

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Default Mini- goals are definitely the way to go !

Set some achievable goal that can actually be a complicated
I went from like 180 lbs at age 20 ish to 340 at about age 52. Well that's about 32 years or say something like 4 lbs a year, it sure adds up over time, kinda like an investment in stocks.

Well it took 30+ years to get so damn fat, you can't fix in one year's time, even if you did, you'd for sure gain it back and some bonus lbs to go along with it
Barring some drastic last ditch risky and expensive surgical procedures you can't lose massive weight fast .

Every bit helps. It was pretty easy for me to drop from 340 to 290 in like 6 months, been stuck at aroun 295 give you or take 5 lbs for like a year now.

I won't go extreme lengths to lose more, I'm going to eat some real food, I'm not a rabbit
It's all about attitude, I already won by dropping around 45 lbs and keeping it off for a year.

Some people are just blessed with the right metabolism and can eat whatever they want, not exercise at all and just be naturally slim . Others can diet and exercise like crazy, but always remain at least a bit pudgy, plump, soft and never get where they want to be. It is a genetic thing, you can't change that anymore than you change your shoe size.

It is no longer 1982 and I know I'll never weigh 180 ever again, unlikely to even sniff 200, that's okay

My doctor has set a realistic ultimate goal for me of 220 lbs, that is at least within reason

A shorter term goal of 260
I think I could achieve 280 and maintain that for awhile, then maybe . strive for 260. Even if I got stuck at around 280 or 260, it would be a major victory and way better than 340.
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Short term goals are very reasonable. I thought at the age of 63 that weight loss was impossible after 35 years of struggling. With a rational healthy approach that cut the foods I craved I did, in fact, loose it and am where I actually was when I was 18.

You are right. Don't worry about climbing the entire mountain at once. Worry about getting over the next rise and enjoy the trip. Lifestyle change is the secret I think as is consistency.
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Way to go! It's really challenging to lose weight, but as an old saying goes, NEVER GIve up whether small or big goals. Let's enjoy while we are achieving it .
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