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Default Twenty Pounds Down

Hi all! I've been a lurker for a long time and haven't really posted much, but I wanted to share that I am officially down 20 pounds!

A few years ago I was fired from a job I moved for and over the past few years gained 25-30 pounds. I was 155 when I was fired, I'm 161 now.

But over that time I was building my freelance business so I let my health go. Fast forward to February of last year, I was miserable because I felt stuck and just couldn't get into gear. In January I spent the entire month fighting bronchitis or something so I ended up with not much appetite and dropped about 8 pounds. My skating coach recommended I try the Advocare 24 day challenge, in which I lost 10 pounds. I felt great! Then I plateaued for months and eventually stopped using Advocare products (they were becoming too expensive to keep up with if I wasn't sticking to the plan perfectly). I ended up gaining back those 10 pounds over about 7 months.

In November, I was diagnosed at the age of 27 with arthritis in my knee, which caused me to have to stop working on jumps on the ice. The doctor recommended dropping 20-30 pounds and getting physical therapy. I switched tracks and am now doing ice dance and moves in the field and spins.

In December, I'd had enough. I searched for dieticians in the area (I also found I have binge eating disorder which I currently have in check for the most part), and came across a clinic that specialized in weight loss that didn't use protein drinks to get it quickly. Instead they taught you how to fuel your body with the right things. I started the week before Christmas, and in my first week dropped 5 pounds. Over the Christmas and New Year's holiday I lost another 2.5, and since then another 3 or so.

So 10 pounds since I started at the clinic almost a month ago, and 20 pounds overall.
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Congrats, and welcome to 3FC
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Congrats! You're doing amazing....keep up the great work!
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Now at just under 30.

The craziest thing is clothing fitting me that didn't for the longest time. My mental image of myself hasn't caught up to the physical. And because I see myself in the mirror everyday, I don't see the differences until I look at photos of myself then and now.
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Great job keep it up.
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Keep up the great work.
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Congrats! Thanks for sharing!!
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Congrats! You're doing a fantastic job so keep it up!
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