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Default To Think Normal About Food Again!

My mini goal, everyday, is to think normal about food, to get to a place where it's NOT a focus all the time and not something that is my foe!

I use to eat intuitively up until about 10 years ago. Put on a few pounds back then and the dieting began! This caused me to have "diet mind" and everything went down hill from there. I forgot what true hunger is, when I was full and when to eat only when I was hunger and only what I wanted to eat.

"Diet Mind" set me up to restrictions, time limits, eating when I really wasn't hungry, and eating foods just to eat and not because it was something I truly wanted.

I am now a binger and very sad to be this way! It's a long road ahead away from this ED and my relationship with food and I understand that eating like this for 10 years will not disappear in days so I'm patient and mindful of everything I am doing to get through and pass these eating issues.
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I think that is an awesome attitude. Almost all the success stories here and really everwhere succeed with lifestyle changes not with dieting.

I must be a broken record but it is working well for me since May, is lowering carbs. I am not Paleo or even close to Atkins but being more aware of them and no fast food since May.

For me the carbs were and are the biggest thing. Eating carbs just made me more hungry not less so I would eat even more. Then you crave them, they deposit as fat, they make you tired, you don't exercise.

What I found was after a month or month and half I started not even craving them anymore. Also I stopped even before that diet sodas. I think between carbs and sodas diet or regular we just mess everything up.

Now something like an apple tastes super sweet to me. I think I have reset a lot about my body and hunger. Very excited to break 250 sometime soon and then onward.

So much better with 'just' around 25ish pounds gone. And so much easier now. Get over that first month...see if carbs were the big thing for you, they might be. You might get a headache even or stomach ache when going low carb....this is natural. Keep at it and it will work out better than you thought.
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