20lbs gone progress pic so far

  • Ok so I have finally gotten brave and posted a progress pic..first pic was my starting weight of 213lbs(Jan 2/13)..and the one beside it is my current 193 lbs(Feb23/13)..its taken me just under 2 months to lose 20 lbs..I still have 33 more to go to get to my goal..as you can see ALL my weight is carried in my stomach..no wonder people would ask if I was pregnant I will NEVER let myself get to that point again...I will post again as more comes off

  • you look wonderful
    kinda wish I had taken pictures.
  • AWESOME! i have lost 20 lbs too as of yesterday and im pretty excited! congrats! and i would i could see the difference in my body like you but im still fat. im hoping to see some change soon! and keep up the great work!
  • Wow--what a difference that 20 pounds made! Congratulations on your hard work paying off!
  • Wow! You can really tell the difference with the 20 lb weight loss. Don't you feel great about your progress!
  • Congrats
  • That's a big difference! Congrats! So motivational to have pictures to look back on and see how far you have come.

    Congrats omgsasha on your 20 also!
  • Thanks everyone I do feel proud, although no one has really noticed ive lost weight but thats because its winter and I hide under my hoodies and winter coat...but im hoping by late spring/early summer when the big baggy warm clothing comes off..I will shock them all lol
  • Lookin' Good!!!
  • You look GREAT!!!
  • looking good!!!Great progress
  • Congrats!!!