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Waka Waka!
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Default Sigh...Goodbye, boobies.

Well, it's been nice, boobies, but it's time for us to say Goodbye.

I always wanted you around, boobies. My mom and sister, as you know, are B and C cups, and until a year ago, I was still wearing an A cup bra I got 12 years ago in Grade 7. I had never really grown into it and I always wanted to meet you, boobies.

Then, I started to gain weight and we found each other! I bough new bras and that little space between boobies and bra disappeared forever!

Sadly, I've lost 15 lbs now, boobies. Today, I am wearing that same Grade 7 bra and alas, it is now still too big for me. I will miss you boobies, as it was nice having a full A cup for a few months.

I wish you well, boobies, and you can come back any time, but you must leave the hips, butt and thighs behind next time.

Until pregnancy do we part,

Flat-Chested-Once-More Sarah
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I'm bringing sexy back!
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Congrats on the 15lb loss
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I got this
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LoL, love it!
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Lol, for weightloss, Id be saying "see ya boobies!!". I'm at the point I don't care what I lose, as long as I'm losing! Your post was cute.
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Oh, if only we could share I'd gladly give you enough to fill out your 7th grade bra! Thanks for a good chuckle.
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I think this is going to be one of those things that the women who want to lose a bit in the boobs don't and vice versa. I'm in the "I'd be thrilled to lose a couple of cup sizes" camp, and of course, so far, I am transitioning from 44DD to 42DDD!
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Originally Posted by betsy2013 View Post
Oh, if only we could share I'd gladly give you enough to fill out your 7th grade bra! Thanks for a good chuckle.
LOL same here. Mine are going to end up having to be whacked off by my surgeon!!
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Lollll. Why does it seem that the boobs and butt are always the first to shrink?!
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the muse of memory
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That was very cute, and congrats on the losses! I would - with AprilSnow, contribute to the cause if I could. My bra BAND size has gone from a 48 to a 40, but my CUP size has gone from a G/sometimes DDD to an H/never DDD in a million years.
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lol awesome!!
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Here to Learn
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LOL. Yep, the one thing I liked about my weight gain is that I went from an A cup to a C cup. Ah well. It was nice having boobs while it lasted.
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Jillian stole my abs!
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Thanks for your awesome sense of humor!

Being on the other side of the camp, I would gladly donate to your cause!

If we could all have a nice perky C cup. Anything smaller, bleh, anything larger, is a big ole pain in the wazoo!
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They might come back...I've always been flat-chested, but losing weight around my ribcage has made what little I have seem much more pronounced. They still seem small to me, but according to measurements I went from a 36/38B to the equivalent of a 30/32 DD. Without a bra they look like nothing, but surprisingly enough the cup is full when I put on the proper size of bra (if I can find it...Japanese 70Fs are pretty rare where I live).
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