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fifty pounds lighter
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Default Passed the 25 lb mark

I started this a month an a half ago and I feel so much better already. I lost 26 lbs so far and I'm down to the weight I was a year ago when I realized how severe my problem was. I didn't even know I was in the 200s until I got weighed at a doctor appointment. I was so depressed already at that point that it just got worse until recently when I decided to get serious about myself, my health and my happiness. I'll be turning 26 in February and hopefully will be 100 lbs lighter than I was on my 25th.

I take more time for meal planning and cooking now, but I'm loving my new lifestyle. I started to plateau for almost two weeks but I started drinking more water and doubled my intake of greens and I'm back to losing weight. Three pounds in the last 3 days. My husband and I would split a bunch of rapini, chard, kale, or other greens every night but now we each have a whole bunch to ourselves and it seems to have helped. I also incorporated chia seeds into my diet, which are totally amazing.

I think it'll take me another 5 months to get down to a normal BMI and a few more after that to get to my goal. Although, I'm not as concerned with time and weight as I am with progress. As long as I'm lighter than I was last week, I'm happy.

My husband lost 30 lbs and is already only about 5-10 lbs away from his goal. I'm so happy for him. And I'm trying not to feel jealous or bad about myself for not being that far along.

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Congrats to you both!!!
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fifty pounds lighter
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Originally Posted by Onederchic View Post
Congrats to you both!!!
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Congratulations Beth! That goes double for You & Hubby!
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Bear Down..Lost 38 in '10
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Yeah! Great job to you both. Way to mix it up too to get the loss rolling again. Great idea....I'll have to use it next plateau!
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Very Cool
I am jealous though - I've been twice as active as I was before, and changed by diet 6 weeks ago - and I've lost 2 pound in that time.
But hopefully it's coming down properly now.
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from Here to There...
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Congrats to you and hubby, although it's unfair that men generally lose weight more easily than women. I swear my husband loses weight if I just talk about my diet!

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Losing the baby weight
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My fiance just wishes he could gain weight, haha!

Congrats on your first 25 pounds! It's good to divide your journey into chunks so it doesn't look so tedious and impede your motivation.

Keep it up!
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Congratulations to you both!
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Mega congrats!!
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fifty pounds lighter
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Well, it has been a year since I made my original post. I got really depressed and fell off the wagon, but now I'm back. I was so afraid to weigh myself recently because I was certain that I had gained back all the weight I lost last year--maybe even more. I started dieting and working out every day for a few weeks so far and on Sunday I figured it was time to see where I'm at and just deal with it, whatever it is. I was really surprised to be down to 202, 16 lbs less than last time I was here. I've probably lost another lb or two since then, so I'm about 50 lbs lighter than when I started. Not the greatest progress for an entire year with only a month or two of actually trying, but it's a start.

I work from home, so it's easy to lose motivation while just hanging around the house in sweatpants. I think participating in this forum will be more helpful than I originally anticipated. It's a good way to keep track and be able to share such personal information. I feel too embarrassed to talk about it with anyone else.

My next mini goal is 175, and I hope to reach that before the end of October.

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