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Default Made it through the entire VIDEO!

Hi everyone!!

I introduced myself in the intro thread, but a quick update is that I am Joelene, turning 35 this year, getting married in December and I am fat.

I have searched these forums for a "journal' type thread and have had no luck. I could also be blind, so If there is one, please admin could you move me? If not, I hope I don't get in trouble for just keeping one here in the "mini goal' section!

I have found even getting to the ultimate goal is a crap load of mini goals. ( oh and i do have a potty mouth I will do my best to keep it under wraps here!) All of these mini goals, when accomplished, make that ultimate goal so much easier to achieve!!

I plan on using this specific thread to come in here on a daily basis and just update where I am at in my journey and in my life. A place where anyone can come here and join me along the way!

I am hoping to use this thread to keep track of my journey, make a lot of friends, give and get advice. (mind you I am an ignorant fool in all of this, I am sure i will be getting more than i can give, but I will cheer everyone on!!)

So here goes...

Today, i haven't worked at all... oops.. I have been focused on getting this started and my life totally turned around. It really has been a good start.

I did take my "Day 1" photographs. I haven't looked at them and will upload them to my puter this evening when my hubby is here. That way he can say, oh honey it isn't as bad as you think" while i cry over my picture. LOL


And when I started typing this journal out my legs were still vibrating! I found muscles I didn't know I had.. such as that one just below your hip bone. Um woah! Where did that little bugger come from?? I did have a lot of fun with the "Banana Roll" I might just do that all the time... hehehe mind you "Banana / Superman" was a killer. I struggled a lot with the push ups and there is a lot in this video. I fell a LOT. especially with the push up / one arm reachy thinger.. sigh.. plop on the ground with everyone. I was about to just stop and wait it out, but then the guy ( dunno his name) said, " i don't care if you fall, i only care that you try again!" i was like .wow how creepy!


I also struggled a lot with the leg grabby stuffs. I can't grab my left leg! there was one banana / some tummy roll grab your ankles behind you move, and I couldn't grab my left ankle. at all. so I let go of my right ankle, and still couldn't grab the left.. so i faked it.. I hope that one day i can ...

Anyway. I spilled, well... drooled red Gatorade on my new 'work out shirt" sigh that was stupid. Oh and ... I am VERY proud to say that i even broke a sweat!! OMG !! That for me is HUGE!! I used to go to the gym, hit the treadmill and make sure i didn't break a sweat.. ew.. GROSS! I stopped going to the gym because OTHER PEOPLE WERE SWEATY! EW GROSS! Before today sweat was only acceptable when alone with my hubby! ONLY time It was acceptable...

I am so pumped now I might try HOT Yoga! ... ok, that might be a bit too much for me to handle...So until then, this is what it is going to be.. I didn't sweat like the guys in the vid, but i was damp. It is a start

That was my first mini goal! Work hard enough to break a sweat!! & do it every time!

Next Mini Goal. Actually do the program I have set out to do for the next 6 days


Tomorrow it is Cardio X. ( I am positive I will break a sweat with that one )

I need to push, push and push and push! Today was one Push down!!!!

Oh yeah... Feeling good!! Happy Dance.. I deserve a treat! Dr. Oz swamp smoothie anyone??

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Hello again!


I survived Cardio X.
I survived the Dr. Oz "Green Drink"
and... drum roll pleeeeeeease.....
I didn't eat the Ice Cream Blizzard my dumbass hubby brought for me in celebration!

I ate three "dq size" spoons...


Before I started this.. yup a whole whopping 3 days ago... I was a coffee drinker. Coffee in the am, coffee in the early pm, then some times a ****ty lunch with the hubby, a&w, arby's and such. then a big humongo dinner with the kids at dinner time. I have always "known" that was bad, but it didn't bother me much. Yesterday when I did p90 core, i didn't eat breakfast. I had a cup of coffee and a smoothie. I also had half a gator aid during the work out. I felt great after, but dinner time came and blamo i binged!! BBQ ribs, chicken and potatoes!! (but only 3 bites , SMALL bites, of ice cream) I realized this morning, I can't do that or really all the excersize will really not be doing all it can do. SO TODAY...

I woke up.. I had a Dr. Oz green drink, from this point forward known as "Swamp Juice' ( we will get back to that little biotch later) I then had two hard boiled eggs and my cup of joe.

Not enough, I am sure, but better than yesterday! Then I did the Cardio X vid. Woah..was that ever not what I expected!! Yes I "pre screened" all the vids, but really i just jumped through it.. Cardio is Cardio right?? NOPE.. at least not to this guy...

the first like 30 min was YOGA! and some hard **** toO!
Then he went into Kenpo ( kick boxing) then core stuff.. (bannana / superman) uug still hate that one... THEN with like 15 minutes left we got into your typical cardio stuffs... but my heart was racing the entire time!! and i wasn't running around like a crazy until the end LOL

I did like that i was able to do at least HALF of each of the challenges. you know? a 60 second runners stance, I managed 30 seconds before I needed to shake it off. I really shouldn't start as fast as they do, then I might be able to last the entire 60 only at a slower pace.

I sure CANNOT do the Drea Roll.. dunno if you ever watched or done p90x, but it is standing up / fall onto your bum, roll your legs up to the ceiling, not over your head, just straight up ( found over your head does nothing for your tummy) then legs down and bounce back up into your stance... I cant' get back up ... SO for now, and until I can get back up I do the drea roll then BANNANA... LOL

(oh and I was sweaty.. not drippy, but damp.. yay me)

So instead of binging after my work out.. (again another half bottle of gater aid we are out of bottled water and i won't drink the tap stuff LOL) so instead of binging, I went and took a shower.

Then after that I had a nice Salad for lunch with some baby spinich in it.. woah..big step.. then another Swamp Juice.

That wasn't enough.. i was still hungry, i didn't "feel" hungry, but I could tell i needed more.. does that make any sense? So the hubby came home for lunch and I made him grilled cheese sandwiches with corn beef and tomato and basil soup. I had to have some! So i ended up eating about a half cup of soup and half a sandwich.

I know i am supposed to watch what I eat. but i don't know how to count calories, either intake or out going. or what is healthy and what isnt'.. kinda.. I mean I know if the planet made it and not humans, it is good for you.. 'in general" you know??? i dunno..

so anyway..after that, i worked and when I work i don't eat much.. so i had a bananna and that is about it.. Dinner tonight was rice and butter chicken.... probably not good.. hehe but yummy.. so i had about a cup of rice and probably about a half to 3/4 of chicken breast. and a smoothie. Home made with oj, peaches and vanilla yogurt.

I am hoping the hubby comes home from work with bottled water so I can down a couple before bed I want to drink at least four bottles a day.. I think you are supposed to drink 8? or is it 8 cups? which would be four bottles... i think..

I dunno any advice? on the eating? work out? or water????


again, thanx for visiting!!

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Height: 5'5


Your doing awesome! Keep it up!
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Good work! Keep going!
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Thank you Ladies!


Good morning, last night i slept like crap, and I blame the hubby for not coming home till 1130. I tried to go to bed around 10 but couldn't sleep and it just threw me off all night .

This morning I hurt. Not bad, like sitting here typing is no big thing.. walking is.. LOL when I move i feel like i was hit by a mac truck! I decided on a better breaky today

Three boiled eggs, toast and a smoothie with peaches, yogurt and fruit juice. I am also trying to eat slower. Instead of inhaling all that food, i am trying to have a couple of "pauses" I dunno. I seem to feel fuller this way.

Anyway.. Time to work. I will be back after my work out later!!

Thanx for visiting.
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No more +sizes
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YAY!!! I saw a portion of that workout and I decided to do 30 Day Shred. I was thinking about insanity but that was just a thought. Maybe when I loose a few more pounds.
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Hey Jiggle, I am going to have to look into the Shred I keep seeing it mentioned here but have no idea what it is.. hmmm

Day three... still... and well.. if you hadn't heard yet, I want to be given a bottle of water, a straw and rolled over onto my tummy so I don't drown...

Just finished todays work out.. and let me tell you it was a work out getting to it!!

This morning.. up at 730, had my breaky, posted and carried on with my day. Usually I like to work out around 11-12 in the afternoon. but today was difficult.

Drove the little one to school, grabbed the big one his timmies, and mine.. hehe. I had to work on a few things for work. Around 11 I had to run to a friends store to use her fax for what I was working on. Of course she wanted timmies, so i stopped off at the hubby's work and asked if he wanted a timmies.. then i was over heard by all!! took everyones orders, ran to timmies, ran back to Memex, then off to the girlfriends store. Delivered coffee, chatted for a while ( she has been extremely ill! today was her first day back at work so it was a bit of an extended visit) After that, straight to the bank.. HOLY SLOW BATMAN!!! it is now 1230 and I was inline at the bank for at least 20 minutes! I made the deposit, and ordered my checks.. i realized at that point exactly why it was so slow, Deloris ( the lovely teller) hadn't a clue what she was doing! LOL and she forgot her glasses at home so she could hardly read anything!! what a mess!! I get a message from one of the memex guys that I forgot another guys coffee!! OMG i feel horrible! I bought everyone coffee but him!! I text the hubby and say i will buy him lunch! he already had lunch, but you can buy me lunch the hubby says... sure fine, wendy's is n front of me what you want? he says i want you to come here...


so i got BACK to memex it is now215!! YES 2:15! I WAITED for him till 3! to go for lunch.. arrrg.. so we go for lunch (which was two bottles of water and a Donair with no sweet sauce and extra veggies ) yay me.. OH and I want to add, that when I did that second timmies run for all those at Memex... I got myself a bottle of WATER and a whole grain muffin! Yes still not exactly healthy, but it wans't a coffee and a donut!! now that is a yay me moment in my opinion!!!

ANYWAY i didn't get home until 345, so i started my work out, I did Shoulders & Arms and Ab RIpper X.. I didn't do the bonus on the shoulders cause i thought ab ripper was like another hour... nope it was 16 minutes of PURE ****! HOLY CRAPPIN' MOTHER OF CHUCK! I am tummy fat.. yes all of me is fat but i am REALLY tummy fat and it really gets in my way when i try to do sit ups and any sort of reaching stuffs.. but about ten minutes in I collapsed mid crunch.. and believe me i was NOT doing 25 reps of everything!! i managed about 8 of each.. which really is good.. at least I believe it is...

So that is todays adventure.. my arms feel like Jello, my tummy feels like Mike Tyson used it for a body bag.. HA You see the move "Slammin Salmon"?? I feel like I just got a broken rib sandwich!!!

Slammin Salmon Trailer (Careful, there are "F Bombs")
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I am just gonna cut and paste from another thread because i am pooped!!!


I just finished my work out for today I remember, on another msg board, I would go in and say OOH Finished my work out today!! yay me.. and it was really just workin the oreos' to the mouth! I was such a LIAR! But not no more!!

Ok, so I did Legs & Back then Ab Ripper... and i was able to do more of the ab ripper today then i was i Tuesday woohoo me.. Still struggle with the leg climb though.. really hard, i am not sure if it is because it is towards the end and i am just beat, or if it is the excessive itself. but it is hard for me. I can reach up my thigh to about an inch from the knee... seeing those guys grab ankles just kills me!

But the legs and back work out I feel so guilty i did NO back work outs at all!! I don't have a chin up bar, I have a band but no where in the house to actually HOOK it onto.. any suggestions? I can't ask the hubby to spend MORE money on a chin up bar especially since I am sure I won't even be able to do ONE full chin up. IF i do convince him to get one, the only place to put it is in the door that leads to the basement. which seems a bit dangerous... because i would need a chair for the first bit which would make me have to have my back towards the steps.....and if i fall down a flight of stairs.. AAK!


OOOH ANNNNND.. woohoo me!! two weeks ago I weighed myself on a shipping scale, i was 211.5, today I weighed myself on my wii ( only scale in the house LOL) and it was 203.5 SOOOO I am hoping that they are relativity close.. I am going to go back to my friends shop and weigh myself there tomorrow before she opens the store hehe... I will let you know! but if not I like my wii scale better :P


I am adding, what is this "recovery drink" that the guy keeps mentioning in the vids? i keep hearing it so i decided to start drinking my swamp juice after my work outs.. and today, i timed it...

I made it in the time that ab ripper replayed itself.. and i haven't cleaned up my veggies yet LOL... so that is a long time to make one glass of juice. I think.. I have been following dr. oz' recipe as close as I can since i started. but today i got brave!!

I made a glass of juice out of.

Handful of mini carrots, baby spinach, raspberries, parsley, a celery stalk, a cucumber, 2 apples, some ginger and a couple hand fulls of grapes! I use the magic bullet juicer so I juice my stuff one by one put in another MB cup then when they are all poured in, I tossed in a handful of frozen peaches and re blended... was really good actually LOL I like it a lot.. but here is my PROBLEM

How much did that cost me?? would't it be cheaper to just go to Booster juice?? I am going to have my hubby do the math because 1. out of all that ALL OF THAT i got about exactly one cup of juice! ONE CUP are you kidding me?? if i ATE all that food just as it is i wouldn't be able to eat for a week! AND the MB juicer, i push on the thinger, get juice, i have to take it off, stir up the mush, then push again to get some more.. I do that three or four times per what ever i put in the juicer... AND I am willing to bet if i put that mush in my hand and squeeze it i could get MORE juice out of it.... It just seems like a bad juicer!

The choices are this... invest in a REAL good juicer ( have always wanted one!! but hubby and I really thought it would end up collecting dust after a week) and purchase all the goodies needed for my juices! woot

or 2. Go to booster juice every am during the week after i take the kidlettes to school. but it would sit in the fridge till i was done my work out.. not good...

3. go to booster juice every day after my work out?? uuug.


I really rely on you guys for a lot more suggestions than I ever thought I would LOL

Oh and I also, now more than i ever did, catch myself slouching!! and correct my posture a lot more... did you start noticing this when you started your work outs??
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