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slowNsteady wins the race
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Talking Yay! I'm Overweight!

I hit a big mini-goal this morning. At 174.0 lbs, my BMI is 29.9 (ie no longer in the "obese" range). I'm now "overweight" and will remain in that range until I hit my goal weight of 145 lbs.

This is huge for me. I haven't been this light since 2002.

I started Weight Watchers (@home) on April 1st. I've made fantastic progress since then. I've made some great food discoveries and my body never feels hungry on program (unless I wait too long between meals of course).

Besides changing my food habits, I started the C25K running program (from huffing and puffing for a minute up to running 28 minutes at a time now) and lifting weights. My dog is getting fit too because she gets a long walk/jog pretty much daily.

My next major mini goal is 160 lbs (-31 lbs) aka my old California driver's license weight (TX doesn't put weight on licenses). That's 14 lbs away.

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Congratulations! What a huge accomplishment to no longer be in the obese
catergory! You should be very proud of yourself and your progress!!
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nirvikalpa samadhi
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Oh how wonderful, congratulations!!!!!!! You must feel fantastic.
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OH I HEAR YOU ON THE LICENSE WEIGHT THING! They put the weight on them in Michigan too. I don't have a license but have a state ID (which looks the same but just acts as identification), and you have to put your weight down. I got one in 2006 and it recently expired and I had to get a new one, but I lied and put my old high school weight of 175. I hope to be back there by the end of the summer, anyway. Once I get past that, I can use my ID as a reminder that that is the OLD me and I'm NEVER GOING BACK.
rocketbunny, congratulations on being overweight!!!!!!!!!! I bet a while back you never thought you'd be so happy to hear that, huh? I was thrilled when I hit 205 and was no longer obese. I had only been obese by 6 pounds, but it was the first time in my life I'd ever gotten there, and I never plan to go back!
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Starting over
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Way to go!
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congrats rocketbunny! yay for C25K!
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Well Done!
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Good job! As a fellow 5'4er I'm tantalisingly close to being 'overweight'. However for me its been nearly 17 years since I was last there.

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I too like to focus on mini goals. If I think of all I have to lose it seems overwhelming. I like to do 10 pound goals because it puts me in a different weight category each time (210's, then 200's, etc).
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