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Default Actually used the hotel gym!!!

Every time we travel, I tell myself I'm going to use the hotel gym. I pack my running shoes, workout clothes, plan a schedule.... and then never actually go.

But we're visiting NYC this week, and by golly, I actually went downstairs and used one of the biking machines for 45 minutes yesterday!! Worked up a great sweat watching the latest episode of The Amazing Race. I was so proud!!

And today, instead of lounging around in SoHo where we're staying, I walked all the way from the hotel to Grand Central to the Natural History Museum... 5 miles just to get to the museum, and then who knows how many walking around the place itself. My armband says I've done 3 hours of moderate activity already today, and I don't think I'm done yet. Wooooo!

I'm going to go back down to the gym tomorrow and watch tonight's episode of Biggest Loser on the bike, and I mean it! I'm really looking forward to it, actually. Yay exercise!!
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Good for you!!!!! It feels pretty darn wonderful to be making healthier decisions, right!? I especially admire your motivation even when you are out of town- you could be off indulging but, your willpower is strong- good on ya!

Enjoy N.Y.C!
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Next time you visit, if you pick a slightly warmer period, we'll have you jogging in Central Park.

NY is so walkable. On my "rest" day, if I spend Saturday downtown, I usually clip on my pedometer. It's really easy to put in a 6-mile day without being aware that's how far you've gone.
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I always bring my SpriTube with me when I travel, so I can do some resistance training in my hotel room, and then always book with a hotel with a small gym (at least a treadmill). I'm going to Seattle tomorrow, staying downtown, and there's tons of stuff to do within a two-mile radius. I'm looking forward to wearing myself out!

Once I went to London with a girlfriend, for 10 days. We never took a bus or cab, but chose to walk everywhere. We ate fish and chips and drank plenty of beer and afternoon tea with scones...and I even lost 10 lbs. while we were there!

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I agree.NYC-great walkable city.I was there in fall and walked from central park across brooklyn bridge.Then took subway back.But you see so much more of the city when you walk.Also it seems I am able to enjoy some nice meals without being so concerned about calories,if I know I have gotten lots of exercise.I am going to Florida Monday and look forward to many miles of walking on beach.
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Cool, sounds like you guys have had some great "active" vacations! And yeah, I agree, it's great to combine all the fun rich foods you find when you travel with lots of walking and exercise! I had such a blast, it makes me wonder why I never tried focusing on being active when we travelled before.
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Good for you! I dont travel too often but when I do I try and make sure there is a workout room and pool. I usually on get to the pool though.
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I travel a lot with what I do but I have yet to use the gym facilities of any hotel. Somehow in my mind when I am staying at one I start thinking I am on a holiday from home and I just like to lay around and eat bad food!

Next time I have to travel (3 times this month so far) I am going to use the horel gym too!

Thanks for posting it makes me want to use the gym too!
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