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Default 15lbs, I cant believe it

As of this morning, I have lost a total of 15lbs. I started my WL on Dec 2nd, 08
It is so weird, because its like I'm not even really trying. I mean, I want to lose weight but I knew if I went my usual route of all or nothing, it wouldn't not be accomplished. I am just semi calorie counting, I keep it to about 1500 a day but I don't track it every day,and I try to exercise when I can. 3 days a week at the gym would be great but sometimes things come up and I cant make it but I don't fret about it. On warmer nights DH and I love to take bicycle rides, its usually about 8miles and we play Wii and do Wii Fit, but none if it is consistent. I had to set up a plan where I could not be rebellious. My husband told me "so, what? No one can tell you what to do, not even you?" Pretty, much, yep, that's me. I had thought that I wanted to lose another 10lbs by Feb13th(anniversary) but that would mean strict diet and exercise regimen that I would start to resent after a few days, rebel against and gain it anything i have lost back. I have finally learned 1, Turn it over to God and relinquish control to Him because when I was trying to control it all myself, I failed every time and 2, Slow and steady wins the race. It really takes making decisions every second, every minute, every snack and every meal of the day. Do I always make the best choice? Nope. But, I dont beat myself up about it. Sometimes I even plan my indulges. I have learned that I can indulge on occasion, instead of every meal because I was telling myself before "eat all now because you wont eat again". I would have never dreamed that I could lose 15lbs, and the most amazing part??? I know that it wont come back because I enjoy the way I am doing it. Eating what I want, developing a taste for more veggies, taste changing against the unhealthy stuff I used to like, I now detest milk chocolate, would eat kisses by the bags full, but I love Dark, I can't eat much of it though, I love whole grains and not the white stuff, and becoming active, not keeping all my activity to just the gym. I am just so excited
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Jamaica Bound
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Thumbs up Consistency gets you everywhere!!!

Congratulations willow, its the small goals that add up to the big picture. I just recently passed my 15 pound mark and just love the thought of removing that much excess from my body. I do have more to go, but it makes me feel good everytime I meet a 5 pound mark! My goal now is to hit my 20 total by Valentines. Hang in there hun, slow and steady gets you where you want to go! Huggers!!!!
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Maintaining :)
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While a regimented plan works for weight loss, it rarely works for maintenance. The key is to make lifestyle changes that add up to consistent results.

Sounds like you have some good building blocks for that. One key you mentioned is to try to get exercise daily via living your life. Like you, my workouts are all over the place - walks, dvds, weights, Wii, skiing, hiking, etc. The key is to do SOMETHING every day.

Congrats on the loss! Keep it up!
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Good Job all of you!

I cant wait till i get to my 15lb mark..and there's no tellin what ill do at 20lb...lol...but i am so happy for yall KEEP UP the good work!
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sick and tired no more...
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Fantastic, sounds like you are doing everything right!! Great job...
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Good for you. I have discovered many of the same things and I'm trying to do pretty much what you are this time around too. May you find continued success.
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I say the same thing and thought I could never lose weight. your right slow and steady win's the race. Keep it up
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Congrats to you!! Keep up the good work!!
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Keep up the good work!!
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The name is Maria :)
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good for you girl!!! I feel the exact same way!!!! the reason it doesn't feel like too much work is because your making this a lifestyle and it's becoming normal now- it's not a "fad diet" this is a way you can live forever! and that is whats so great about calorie counting!
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Starting to Get It!
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Wow willow650 that is amazing, I just set my mini goal to be down a total (of when I started) of 15 pounds by the end of the month. I think it is so cool that you aren't even stressing out over it too much. I am sure that helps. Good luck with the rest of your weight loss, and thanks for the inspiration. Oh and I love your avatar
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Congrats!! Keep up the great work!!
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Super job MANDY!
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Congrats! Doesn't 15 pounds feel awesome...
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