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Default Treadmill NSV

I have been more of a lurker on these boards than a participater, but I do check them religiously. I love hearing about other people's NSVs and I'm impressed by all the people who achieve new goals whilst exercising... I salute you all... and today I'm proud to say I challenged myself too!

I have never liked running much... so understandably I never did it again once my final cross-country laps (maybe a mile?) in high school were behind me. That was at least 4 years ago. Anyway, today I was on the treadmill and I kept pushing myself... make it to ten minutes, just do twelve, come on, nearly at fifteen... and I ended up doing half an hour of jogging/running! My first 5km!

Oh and first post using the dancing carrots, another feel good moment
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That's awesome! Congratulations - what a great feeliing!
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Wow, thats great and fantastic that you enjoyed it too! But on a more serious note don't push yourself too hard in case of injury. Building up slooooowly is best if you are not used to running.
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Thank you both... funnily enough, I'm not sure I got the famous runner's high - something to look out for next time? Do people normally get it after a run?

Finn - you're absolutely right. I know I pushed myself a bit too far, because my legs are getting sore only two hours afterwards. But at least it wasn't the first time I'd attempted a bit of a run, I normally did a one mile jog four or so times a week as a warm-up in the gym. So now I've upped the bar but I'm not anticipating doing it for a while whilst I let my legs recover
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senorita - I get the runners high but not after every run. And I dont think I have ever gotten it on a treadmill, not sure why - it may have something to do with - outside its just me and the scenery and it becomes really meditative...inside I watch the display and I lose that mental aspect

Dont do the 3 miler more than once a week until you have upped your other runs a bit. Like try for 1.5 on your other runs

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