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Default Meta Slim plan or Keto option

Hi, I did the Green menu Meta Slim program thru MRC about 6 yrs ago - have gained all my weight back and looking to start over. I was wondering if MRC had made any changes to the plan or had other options such as a Keto plan instead? Appreciate any help.
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That's a very good question actually. A friend of mine has tried a keto plan recently and has encountered great weight loss progress, I think he lost about 3 kilograms in about 10 days which is really good. As for the Metabolic plan, I don't know someone who has tried it personally till now but I've been hearing about it a lot recently. I really don't know which of them is better but I think you might try to give the keto plan a try.
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I don't live by a center anymore unfortunately. I do know they have vegan, TMAD and other options. I have been doing keto since April, but unfortunately, after the first five or so loss, I haven't lost anymore. I have gotten frustrated, so have started back on the MRC plan today. I just can't bring myself to eat the bread and such though, perhaps some fruit but I tend to go overboard when I eat it. I did my best on MRC before when I skipped those choices altogether, so I think a keto option would work well for me. I might give the center I was going to years ago a call and see what they say.
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Thank you everyone
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Patience. Losing weight (especially a significant amount of weight) takes a considerable amount of time. I lost 60 pounds, but it took upwards of snaptube vidmate 16 months of constant work. It was a shade under a pound a week.

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It's great to hear that you are motivated to get back on track with your health and wellness journey. As for MRC's programs, they may have made updates or changes to their plans since you last participated in the Green menu Meta Slim program. Additionally, they may have new programs, such as a Keto plan, that they offer now. It would be best to contact MRC directly or visit their website to inquire about any updates or changes to their programs and to see if they have a plan that fits your current needs and goals. Best of luck on your journey!
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I'm not sure if MRC has made any changes to their program or if they offer a Keto plan now. It would be best to contact MRC directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information. They'll be able to provide you with the details you need.
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