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bigdog 07-01-2014 10:43 PM

Mrc July 2014
Here we go!
Good luck everyone and please share what is keeping you successful on this plan and any helpful tips are always welcomed!

patzi 07-02-2014 09:37 AM


Originally Posted by bigdog (Post 5033701)
Here we go!
Good luck everyone and please share what is keeping you successful on this plan and any helpful tips are always welcomed!

Hi Big Dog...

You said you were going to ask center about the HNS replacement drinks you were taking previously.. Would you be so kind to let me know what they say, as I would like to try them.


postgirl 07-02-2014 12:52 PM

Yes, that is two exclamation points!!! And now, three! I started MRC on June 20th at 177 lbs. Yesterday, my fourth weigh-in, I was at 165! My goal is 135 (though I am really going for 125). Based on their calculations, I should be at my goal weight in October. I am looking forward to being able to fit my calves into those cute boots with skirts and leggings this fall, and with this program I know I will be there. I found this board and am very glad to be able to share support with others who are working toward their goals.

For me, the last 1.5 years have been completely crazy... actually, the past two years. In September 2012 my husband and I impulsively decided to sell everything we owned, except one car and two computers, and move to a Caribbean island. It was great while it lasted. We had been on the island seven months when I had a pontine stroke. I was 41 years old, and at the time weighed 140 lbs. It was completely unexpected and out of the blue.

Since the stroke in March 2013, we moved back to Arkansas... with our one car and two computers. We've been slowly rebuilding our lives over the past year, and in the process I packed on nearly 40lbs (which is so incredibly stupid for many reasons, but especially considering the stroke). I kindof let myself go, giving into the comfort of family and food as I dealt with the stress of starting over and a feeling of failure that the island adventure didn't quite work out as planned.

The extra weight became too much to bear in May/June. After a lot of research, I decided on MRC. I do not regret my decision at all and plan to keep up the momentum and stick to the program 100%.

They put me on the Meta-Balance plan because of the stroke. I have been eating chicken breast (grilled w/balsamic and garlic), and ground turkey since I started, and I am good with that. I do not ever feel hungry. The only thing I am having a problem with in terms of the menu is eating ALL the foods required at every meal, and on the snacks. Often, I will only have the HNS between meals, and skip the fruit/starch/or dairy. I am wondering if that will inhibit my weight loss, or actually speed it up. I kinda wish they had put me on the Meta-Slim plan because it is supposed to be faster, and have been trying to covertly get the menu. Thoughts? Advice?

Anyway, thanks for letting me share. I hope you all have a great holiday weekend with zero temptation for holiday food!

(PS... How do I get the fancy weight tracker things that folks have at the bottom of their posts?)

Athtrnr 07-02-2014 04:08 PM

Hi PostGirl!

WOW! What a story.

I am 40 years old. Have been on a gradual weight increase for too many years. my blood pressure started to rise, and I generally was starting to not feel good. My best friend went through the program and lost 50 lbs, and has been on maintenance for a year.

My starting weight was 194.5. My goal is to get to 145 by October. I started pre-conditioning on June 25. Started the Meta-Slim Green Menu June 30. I am currently down 6lbs. I don't know what the difference is between our menu's, but it sounds like the one you have is working. I'm still not in the groove of the food thing yet either, but my best friend said it took her about a month. I think my body is still in WTH mode, but thankfully my caffeine headaches only lasted a day. (YAY!)

Are you still in Arkansas?

MP (Athtrnr)

ebobbitt 07-02-2014 04:30 PM

I'm new to MRC
I started at MRC almost 4 weeks ago and am quite happy to find these boards. I will go for my 4th weigh-in tomorrow. I'm intrigued by the colored menus you speak of as the one I have is beige. I'm at work right now and the menu is at home but I think mine is the Meta-Slim. It's been really easy so far and I've lost 12 pounds. However, I'm really scared I won't show a loss tomorrow. I cannot have those scales stuck! I believe there are some people on here from Arkansas -- which center do you go to? I go to the one on South Markham in Little Rock.

bigdog 07-02-2014 09:10 PM

Hello Everyone!
Sounds like everyone is doing well! Ive been eating a lot of salad with grilled Mahi and tuna, packing zip locks of cukes, celery to munch on at work and keep my extra mini blender at work to blend my "HNSs"
I told my DH that my doctor said my sugar was high so I couldn't eat the Klondike ice cream he bought home :). Yeah, make him feel bad for bringing them home when I told him I seriously needed to get this weight OFF ( again!)

Patzi - the new center hasn't opened yet- the manager that called me said it should be mid July. She is already talking to me about recruiting some of my friends and residents (I'm now doing Property Management) so I can get Flex dollars to buy stuff from the Center. I haven't told her yet but I'm a closet dieter and never tell anyone how I'm dieting :). I don't like to hear their remarks or opinions. Haha! When I started MRC and lost 35 lbs, I shared w one friend and she was like OMG, that's horrible- I'm just going to do another diet ( well good for you- how is that working?)
I'm doing it on my own loosely using my materials from before - I already feel lighter but haven't weighed in yet.
I know the Counselors are salespeople so not sure if she will go for it or not.
I know my Syntrax Nectar worked as an HNS and much better tasting and there are so many great combos that I don't miss dessert. I just had a Mocha Chocolate Truffle Peanutbutter shake. (Left over coffee, water, Syntrax Choc Truffle powder, Tsp PB2 powder, ice blended in my Oster blender). Yum!

postgirl 07-03-2014 03:07 PM

Wow! A few of us from Arkansas in this thread! Yup, I go to the MRC in Fayetteville. They are great! And, DiscoverJoy, yes. It is absolutely amazing that my husband has stuck through all of this. 17.75 years and counting! He is my best friend. Keep on keepin' on, y'all!

bigdog 07-03-2014 03:47 PM

Weighed in this am and lost 2 lbs! Woo hoo !
I'm just getting started so MORE to come! :)

bigdog 07-04-2014 12:59 AM

Anyone use Fitness Pal? It rocks!! Great upgrades that include a scanner that scans the bar codes on your favorites and and adds to diary. Also has step tracker :) and will link to Fitbit tracker. I haven't used it in a awhile - loves that it calculates protein, carbs and fat. I have the protein set at 60%, Fat 20%, Carb 20%

Good luck everyone. I just turned down Peanut Butter Pie!!! Please help keep me strong- DH is a Chef and his life is food!

patzi 07-04-2014 08:31 AM

Big Dog...
Thanks for answering my question. Great step in not eating the icecream and peanut butter pie.. I know how hard it is, but your saying no will get you to your goal.

Consultants are sales people, but remember you are the one in control.
If I may be of help to you at any time, just ask.. But you seem to be really motivated and doing well, and I am sure you will succeed.

I have iced coffee every afternoon.. I will definately try the Chocolate Truffle Peanut Butter. Yumm is right.

I use fitness pal.. I am 3 1/2 years maintenance and I still journal my food daily.
Keeps me focused. I am a weak one, still have to get weighed in weekly. Sometimes I let it go for two, but it keeps me on my toes knowing the scale will tell it all. I just join Maintenance when I see a sale. I am paid up now till spring 2015.

Want to welcome newcombers and wish them the best on their new journey.

I have a question on the bars, for instance the chocolate wafer bars.. While on weight loss diet, how do these fit in the diet? There are no snacks on Meta Slim that I was on while losing weight, maybe on other MRC diets, but was just curious..

Happy 4th Everyone..


bigdog 07-04-2014 11:39 AM

Patzi, you have always been a great inspiration and I depend on these boards for motivation and helpful hints on what to eat :) to stay on plan. As long as I'm not hungry and can find good substitutes for what I'm craving- this plan will work again. I rejoined Weight Watchers last year and kept a daily journal on line but its too flexible and I only lost a few pounds. Live in a small town and the only weigh ins were at 630 pm and I hate to weigh in late in the PM.
I agree w Discoverjoy, this is the only plan that works for me
- hate to admit, I may need to join to have someone weigh me in every week but right now I'm trying to do it on my own until the Center opens. When I meet w them, if they won't agree to let me do my own HNSs/shakes, I won't join. There's a Weight control place in town that charges $100 initially then $25 a week (one on one counseling and share your journal w them, weigh in) that I may check out too to get started. They also have maintenance plans.
I love the MRC plan though.
Discoverjoy- what do use for your HNSs since you don't go to the center?
And I also love Pinterest for high protein recipes. Yah!!!
Patzi. Do I have the percentages right for My Fitness Pal? Protein 60%. Carbs and Fat 20%?
Happy 4th of July everyone!!

fwheel4 07-07-2014 01:10 PM

The chocolate wafer bars count as a meal replacement. They are really good.
They taste just like a cookie.

patzi 07-08-2014 12:56 PM

Thanks for the data on the chocolate wafer cookies, fwheel 4

I had maintenance weigh in today and maintained at 5 pounds under goal.

Big Dog.. I never counted calories or ever watched the amt. of protein, carbs, etc. I just ate the amount Meta Slim paper said to eat.. However, when I put in
to FitnessPal. Com, I did use the 60/20/20.

Wishing y'all a great weight loss week.. Remember, think thin.


patzi 07-09-2014 07:46 AM

discover Joy...

Do you have an item number for the HNS drinks that are like MRC on Nashua Nutrition? I see a drink, but it is does not have same ingredients as the clear HNS drink from MRC. I must be overlooking it..Wanted to compare prices with Diet Direct. I buy all my HNS from Diet Direct and if less expensive will switch over.


discoverjoy 07-09-2014 12:11 PM

I like these a LOT

Grapefruit is my FAV.

Are you telling me, these are not the same?

I bounce back and forth from Diet Direct and Nashua Nutrition. Well ACTUALLY, I pull both up on my computer at the same time, plug in the same order of drinks, and pick the one that gives me the best deal. Sometimes, either will have specials, or free shipping or something like that.

I'm a haggler like that. HA!

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