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Hi all,

I'm new to the board and to MRC, but I have a couple questions I was hoping you could answer.

I'm only on day 3 - the yellow menu - and while I haven't been cheating at all and am eating ONLY what and when the menu says to eat (and I'm taking all the supplements including the appetite suppressant), I'm HUNGRY. It's not a problem during the day, only after dinner. Is it ok to have an extra HSN a few hours after dinner if I'm still hungry, for a total of five? Or is that too much? I don't want to cheat, but I figured an extra HSN has to be better than eating something off plan, right? Thoughts?

Also...did anyone here not lose any weight during preconditioning and move on to lose weight during the first four days? I have to admit, I'm really nervous that when I go in for my weigh in tomorrow (day 4) I'm going to show a zero weight loss after losing nothing on preconditioning. Granted, I was only on preconditioning for three days before jumping on plan, but I have a terrible time losing weight and I'm afraid all I'm doing with this low-cal diet is pushing my body into starvation mode.

(And I think that should be HNS, huh? LOL Sorry...I'm still learning all the lingo!)

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You are only supposed to have 4 of the drinks per day. You can get a fiber one that is in powder form and have those in addition to your 4 HNS. That's what I've done and it seems to help somewhat. Did your center only have you doing preconditioning for that many days?? I stayed on preconditioning about 10 days and was told to at least give it a full week. Preconditioning gets rid of all the carb and sugar junk in your system and gets your liver detoxed for fat burning mode. You may wanna consider staying on it longer or asking your center what they think. I lost about a pound per day on preconditioning and I'm not one to lose weight very easily myself. Best of luck and let us know what you find out.
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emcamp99 - Welcome to the board! I'm with bombshellinprogress - surprised that your preconditioning was only 3 days. Unless there were special circumstances (already low carb, no sugar, etc.), preconditioning really helps get rid of the "stuff" in your system that makes you so hungry (carbs, sugar, etc). I'm on the beige menu so didn't do the yellow or blue menus - they sound tough! Hang in there and talk to your counselor. Have a great day!
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The fiber drink! That's what I forgot. I knew I'd had five drinks one day and couldn't figure out why when I was pretty sure they only suggested 2-4 HNS. Thank you!

As for the preconditioning...yes I came from low carb/zero sugar diet before joining MRC. They didn't really tell me how long to do preconditioning. I joined on a Tues, started preconditioning Wed, had my food class on Fri, and was told to start the yellow menu on Sat. No one said I needed to do preconditioning any longer than those three days.
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My pre-conditioning menu says 3-4 days but my center always suggests 5-7 days. I did two weeks first go around this time I just did 7 days
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