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Question Doing something wrong??

I am on day 8 of the plan today. I am using the beige menu. I have 63.5pounds to lose. I have signed up through July 4, 2012.

I am worried....I was reading about all of these people that were losing significant weight pretty quickly....my scale only seems to be moving about 0.2 pounds each day.

To me it is definitely in the right direction compared to where I have been but I was expecting a much quicker movement in the scales.

I have not been back to the center to weigh.....I go tomorrow for my center weigh in.

I am eating exactly what is on my menu and weighing everything. I was short on drinking the goal for water 1 day.

The issue for me has been I have been terribly sick....diarrhea, feeling as if I would vomit all day.

I am taking the Fish Oil, MRC-6, Corti-slim, and All Day Weightloss.

I have figured out if I take the meds with food instead of prior to I eat, I am not as sick as I was when I was taking the medicines prior to eating.

Any information you can offer me would be very helpful.
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Hey, RN -

.2 per day is good... everyone is different. On your water, with being sick, I'm wondering if it's making you more dehydrated? I know, for me, I have to do above the 64 oz per day... usually I shoot for 110 - 120. It seems like it helps my weight loss more. Also, salt had a big effect on me.

You're still early in the plan. Right now, your body is adjusting to the new style of eating and it may take a bit. When I was a few weeks in (where you are) there were a few days when I felt really nauseated. I called the center and they told me to try to sip some diet sprite... I tried a bit and it did help with the nausea, but it burned my mouth (the carbonation)... But, eating a few bites of something before taking the supplements helped me... the vitamins seemed to bother me the most!

Hope you are feeling better soon! Hang in there!
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The average that the center goes by is 2.5 a week. I've been abscent from the boards for a bit because I was getting discouraged myself reading about people loosing 5 lbs or more constantly every week (glad for you all btw... ) It was just hard for me to read the success of everybody else when I was lucky to lose 1 or 2 lbs. I did a lot of soul searching and sticking to program and that's just how my body is. I'm not going to lose that much and for me I think losing it by a couple pounds a week it is going to help me in the long run. You just have to finally get to the point where you don't compare your losses with those of us on here. Our bodies are all different and we aren't going to lose the same as everybody else. I just wish it hadn't taken me so long to figure it out for myself lol. My DH told me the other day he was so proud of me for doing this and losing my weight for me. This is the first time it's been for me and I feel great. 34 lbs is the most I've ever lost on any diet, program, anything and this time it feels great!
Don't worry if you don't lose big amounts every week, also remember on weeks you aren't losing lbs you are probably losing inches! Good luck and hang in there. It does get easier to deal with everything that is changing with our bodies and lives!

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Started Aug 2010
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Most weeks I only lost 1-2lbs per week, which--while not as impressive or exhilirating as the bigger losses some have--is still an exciting loss!

I would come off of all the pills you're taking, and then gradually add them back in to see what is causing it. Start back with the fish oil, then multi-vitamin, then gradually the others. Chances are, it's one of the pills (more likely the supplements rather than fish oil or multivitamin). It could also be the protein drinks, as some people are sensitive to the sweeteners in those, too--and that's something you can discuss with your center.

I didn't have an upset stomach or nausea when I first started (I didn't do MRC supplements, though, either), but I did have diarrhea. I think it was the change in diet (more veggies, fiber and protein, less carbs and sugar). It ended up balancing out after a few weeks, though.
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Hi RN,
I'm on day 17, using the beige menu as well. Before I go any further, just to let you know, I'm not a believer in their supplements. I know they work for some, but my thinking is that I'll see how the program works for me just with the menu, HNSs & increased water intake. If I don't see the lbs. dropping off with that, then I'll introduce supplements. For me, this is working so far. I've lost 9.5 lbs. with just diet, HNSs, oil & multi-vitamin. Again, everyone is different.

Also, since you're ill, dehydration is defnitely a factor. Are you drinking more than 64 oz. of water? You probably already know this but for every 25 lbs. you're overweight, add an additional 8 ozs. of water. Right now, I'm drinking a gallon per day and feel like I should surf around instead of walk!

Lastly, I only weigh 1x per week. Our weight fluctuates so much on any given day that weighing everyday just doesn't work for me. Granted, I've only weighed in 2x, I'm excited to see results as a whole & not just bits at a time. If I lose, I'm happy and even more motivated. If I gain, I'm not AS happy, but even more determined, so for me, it's kinda like a win-kinda win situation. Oh dear, I hope I'm not soundling like some kinda weirdo.
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Thanks for all of the replies. I am trying very hard to stick with this...

I am 35 years old and already taking cholesterol and tryglycerides medication. I want to get those out of my life.

I have a child that is 2 that was born with special needs...so I need to be healthy and set a good example for him.
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Hi RN,
I'm right there on the bus with the 1 pound a week losers. A couple of weeks ago I gave myself a stern talking to ( I really did talk out loud ) because I'm just not a fast loser. Never have been, never will be. I get jealous of the fast losses, but all we can do is our best, right?
I agree with Leo about the supplements. Maybe just do a multi-vit and add stuff as you think you need it? Taking lots of supplements makes me feel horrible.
I'm a daily weigher, butt naked every morning after I pee! For me, it helps keep me honest. I'm figuring out that my body has a mind of it's own and it doesn't always make sense if I gain or lose. At least this way, when I weight in at MRC, I'm not upset by a small movement in the scale if I already know to expect it. Hope that made sense.
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Stick with it. My losses have varied. Some weeks I lose zero, some weeks I drop like crazy (4 was my highest in a week)...I''m averaging 1.8ish per week. I've told myself all along if I average one a week that's still waaaaay more successful than I would do otherwise. I think we maybe all see those 5 lb losses other people post and get discouraged, but very few people carry that through all the way. Many have big losses in the beginning, others not so much (I actually didn't lose much at the beginning).

I'm with the no crazy supplement group...only a multi vitamin and fish oil (they had me up to 9 at one point for constipation and it didn't help, I dropped down to 1-2 per day and am regular again). I also do a B complex for energy...don't know if it does anything besides make my pee neon green Everytime my mom goes they put her on something else (something new again today).

You have some of the best motivation...getting healthier and being an example for your child...those will carry you through the rough days better than wanting to look better (both were motivating for me). I did some research on lower carb diets before starting this (I used to hate them), but they show similar results in weight loss and maintenance results as traditional lower fat diets, but they have shown better improvements in triglycerides and cholesterol...so this should be a great plan for you.
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I totally agree with no extras other than vitamin and fish oil group.
I caved in and started taking mrc-6 because of the pressures. I started getting really bad headaches was tired and not losing weight at all hardly.
Stopped taking them -- headaches are gone, I'm no galling asleep on my supper plate any longer, and weight is coming off again.
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