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Default New here; Optavia user having some probs

Hi folks!

I'm a newbie to this forum, thought I'd jump in and say hi.

I've been on Optavia since November 2017...yeah, I joined right before thanksgiving.

I'm down about 30 lbs now, I had been down 34 but bounced a little. Doing great in some of two of my diabetes meds, blood sugars registered as normal for the first time in 18 years, no more snoring or sleep no more need for little blue pills

However, I've noticed that I am snacking again...bad habits at work. I'm not hitting carby snacks but fatty snacks...nuts and cheese.

I'm not losing anymore but I'm not gaining either. I'm having a hard time breaking out of the snack habit. any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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Congrats on all of your success on the program. I struggle with the same issue of wanting fatty snacks. One thing that might help is to have your lean and green meal in the morning, so you are a bit more full and less prone to snack. Also try to keep a water bottle handy and when you have the urge for a snack, try to take a sip of water. Another thing that might help is to buy more of the crunchy snacks from Optavia so they can satisfy that craving to crunch things. Also, get a lot of sleep. I feel like I snack more when I don't get enough sleep.
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Im a newbie too. This is JMO. I think we need to work WITH our basic nature instead of fighting it. You need to figure out what foods speak to you and then make better choices. I can buckle down and eat celery and alfalfa sprouts for a while but sooner or later Im going to fall off my diet wagon.

Are you eating nuts and cheese because they are handy or because that's what you want. There are fuelings that are cheese flavored. Im a snacker too. I find that it helps to chose fuels that have more pieces. Keeps me busy longer. I like the cinnamon sugar sticks. I eat my cereal dry as a snack.

FYI cheese is on plan. See page 3 of 4 on the Meatless Options list.
6oz or 1.5 cups shredded low fat cheese 1.5 grams fat per oz.
4oz or 1.0 cup shredded reduced fat cheese 3 to 6 grams fat per oz.

I have a sweet tooth and Im a grazer. So my fuelings include bars, brownies, chocolate chip cookies, etc. Im also on what I refer to as an 8&1 and sometimes a 9&1 plan. I have 3/4 of my protein/lean and two of my greens at my meal. This leaves me two extra mini meals 1/4 protein/lean and one green for later. If I don't use my fats in a recipe I use them for a mini meal too.

You could even do 1/2 protein/lean and get another mini meal. The thing is you don't have to eat your L&G all at once,
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Oh, the nuts and cheese! I can sympathize! Good advice from Sweet Epiphany and Phaedra. I have been pleasantly surprised with the Medifast/Optavia crunchy snacks. I thought there would be no way that these would satisfy me but they did.

I have a lot of water, non-caloric carbonated water and/or tea throughout the day, too. The only problem with that is the multiple trips to the bathroom.
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