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Default Ideal Protein


I'm trying to decide between Medifast and Ideal Protein. I plan on posting this on both forums, I hope that's okay! Can anyone give me any input? What makes them different? Which one works best?

As a side note, y'all are so inspiring!
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Hi there! I don't know much about Ideal Protein, I did google it after I'd already started medifast because I was curious, but from my understanding they are very similar, and I don't think theres one that work "best." They both put you in a state of ketosis, which burns fat pretty quickly and they both have dramatic results. They both have meals of theirs and meals of your own, with strict guidelines. Like I said I don't know anything about what Ideal protein offers, but I can tell you what I love about Medifast!

THe food is great (there is only ONE item I really don't like, I've really enjoyed most of it), it's easy to figure out, you get a free health coach to help you out whenever you need. I utilized mine daily at first but haven't called in a few weeks now because I jus haven't needed to. The support community is amazing. I've lost 18 pounds in a month, and enjoyed it. I haven't had bad cravings, and if I do there has always been a mf food to satisfy it, I'm never hungry, yeah I had a few slip ups (well...one slip up, one stomach flu), but bounced back quickly and lost 18 pounds in spite of it. I'm sure you'll have success with either, but I love MF and have no regrets. It's the only diet that's worked for me so far (and I've tried a lot). I'd definitely say so far, it's one of the best investments I'ce ever made. I don't know the price differences between the two.
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Originally Posted by Lolo70 View Post
It would be interesting to have some data on how many people actually successfully maintain their losses on each diet.
Lolo70, it looks like not many. There is not a lot of data but here is one medical study for reference, from the Journal of the American College of Nutrition:

Subjects regained an average of 73.4% of their weight loss during the first three years. The average weight loss maintained for 112 subjects was 22.8% of initial weight loss after an average of 5.3 years of follow-up.

But their program was lower calorie than most MF followers:

During the weight-loss phase (the VLCD program), all subjects were instructed to abstain from food and consume at least 520 kcal/day in the form of five chocolate or vanilla liquid supplements plus two vitamin-mineral tablets daily.

I think meal replacement programs like MF or IP work very effectively, but it's up to the dieter to adhere to a regimented, watchful maintenance. In 2001, I had lost 52 pounds with Weight Watchers and weighed 156 pounds. It was fantastic, BUT I did not make any real effort to maintain my loss. I just thought, well, that's done! Coming from a heavy mom and a history of huge portions of food, I know this time I will need to be much more diligent with both food and exercise after I hit goal. It's not magic and I think formerly obese or overweight bodies fight leanness - hormonally, they want to be fat again
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Thanks for the info BerkshireGrl. The study certainly raises caution. I think maintenance is way more important than the speed of weight loss. Which is easy for me to say, since I am a slow looser. I have plenty of time to practice maintenance. But I noticed with a bit of frustration that I have to live on a rather low calorie diet (~1600) even with exercise. Not that much different from Medifast. I think the key is also how active your lifestyle is. If you walk whenever and wherever you can, it helps a lot.

Good luck with your diet. I found Medifast very easy and am just starting a hybrid of Medifast/IP again to loose the next 15 lbs. I do this in stages.
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