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I just finished the book last night. And at the end of the book I did find some new tips (also some old ones) on how to outtalk the urge of overeating.
I had to copy some statements before bringing the book back. I liked the book so much that I tried to find more titles under the author, but he only has one more book and talks about smoking. Too bad
Looking forward my new book reading: Angry Fat Girls

gardenerjoy, I will have to check out The Beck Diet Solution.
But I also want to read Cognitive Therapy: Basics and Beyond though
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My DH has been after me to read this, he has it and it s right by the bedside. Maybe I'll start it tonight. I know from the passages he has read to me, I definitely don't want to eat in certain places anymore, and especially not chicken wings (I would never have ordered them anyways, but blech)
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I'm a little late to this party but I read this book a couple weeks ago, and let me say, OH.MY.GOD! It's quite frightening to read, esp. when I got to the part about the layering of flavours, and all the sugar and salt and fat that goes into things (so needlessly in my opinion, if you have to put that much salt and sugar and fat onto something perhaps it's not something you should be eating!).

Anyway, I was already heading down the healthier path, aiming for less processed foods etc. and this just shoved me further in my new direction and reinforced so many of the reasons for my wanting to change to healthier food.
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It's funny, I see my post from last time around, losing weight, and being @ 3FC, and the book depressed me. But this time around, I've found its tips so helpful. Mainly the one about not letting food "turn you on." Last time, I'd torture myself, dreaming and staring at things I wanted to eat. Now, as soon as I catch my eyes or brain lingering on something that's not for me, I turn away. So I"m not setting off the chemical reaction--which is HUGE.
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