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Grammy on a diet
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I have to add to this post. At sixty three I am a widow of two years. I finally decided to meet someone and went on a Senior singles site. What a joke! Here are all these old guys, most of them looking like they were rode hard and put away wet. And guess what they are looking for? Slim athletic toned financially independent women about 10 to 20 years younger than they are. That will teach me to buy a pig in a poke lol.
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Just Yr Everyday Chick
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Oh, you forgot to add-- they also want someone who will pick up their clothes and wash them, clean their house, and cook their food. Maid with benefits.

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I would say that both sexes can't be pinned down with "ideal" numbers, in terms of measurements. Like multiple folks in this thread have already mentioned, it really all comes down to the individual.

That being said, the study itself is flawed. You can't assume that a penny ante sample size of 100 males is indicative of how the larger population sees things. If the region or even country was changed I think the measurements would change too.

Lastly, and most importantly, the study was again restricted in that it only sampled one sub group, Male students. My guess is that most of those involved were between the ages of 18-24. It was interesting to read, but I would take the information with an asteroid-sized grain of salt.

- L89
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I think it is definitely cultural. Around me, I definitely think men like smaller than a size 10--I would say probably a 4/6 would be ideal for most of them and possibly smaller.
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I always thought most, but not all men, were looking for the almost mythical Barbie body type that few, if any, women could possibly achieve naturally. To hear that at least some group, even in another culture, prefer something slightly more realistic is somewhat heartening.
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Who cares what men're the one that has to live in your body so get healthy and be happy for yourself and no one else...oh and stay single. Life is better without the headache and pressure of a relationship with superficial men.
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I choose me...
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Originally Posted by JayEll View Post
Oh, you forgot to add-- they also want someone who will pick up their clothes and wash them, clean their house, and cook their food. Maid with benefits.

SO TRUE!!! Men want you to take care of them.....sorry I'm already a mother to 2 kids......
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That's nice to know some males like bigger females. It's a misconception that all men like skinny women.

Just don't overshadow that by blowing off your own health. It's fine to be bigger, but health is always number one and should come first.
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well im 5'8 so i guess im too manly lol ive hardly ever been single in my life, but i did have one guy tell me i shouldwear flats (im 5'10-6ft in most of my footwear) and wear clothes that makes me look shorter or only go for really tall guys cause most guys will find 5'8 too tall and mannish lol and i was like dude i dont need your advice i always have a man. i also had an ex point out that his new gf was short and had smaller hips and bust and was thus more feminine because she was weaker and more fragile and not 'an amazon' but then her parents found out he was going out with her (she was 16 LOL) so i guess me being a full grown woman was amazonian. he was just mad that id dumped him tho. other then those 2, men seem to love my height and curvier figure, especially short guys. the shorter they are the more they seem to like me. my bf right now is 5'6. so i dont really believe in the ideal, everyone has personal preferences. i am hoping to get to a 26-28 waist but thats my own personal ideal, my bf just doesnt want me to be 125lbs at my height he says he doesnt like twigs. personality, confidence, and compatibility is whats most attractive anyways. girls have preferences too, height doesnt bother me, but i loveee guys with mohawks or long hair and gothy or metally guys. guys have prefs just like us.
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