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I'm Marti, wife of JohnKY. John's already written a lot about our weight loss experience and put up a few photos. I wish I had a better one for the "before". We both were pretty good at avoiding cameras at that time.

In a nutshell, I lost around 55 lbs along with John when he began to have some health problems. I had been unhappy with my weight for a few years, and John had to do something. So we made an agreement from that day forward to make all decisions about food and activity with our health in mind. I had had some success a couple years earlier when I had gall-bladder trouble and adopted a very low-fat diet to control the awful "attacks". I plateaued after a time and eventually I had to have my gall-bladder out anyway.

It wasn't until we permanently changed our habits that I had significant or lasting weight loss.

I think it must be a lot more difficult for people in families or relationships where they are the only one trying to live healthy.

We have been looking for a group of people in the same situation as us. People who used to be overweight, but are now committed to fitness for the long-haul. It's always been surprising that such a support group is almost impossible to find.

John was excited to find a group that has such a large and active maintainers area.
When we've run into long-term maintainers in other places, we both have noticed that more often than not, they're either into some competitive sport, or have become personal trainers/exercise instructors. But of course not always. Like us for instance, no certification or competition for us. We do hike with the dogs almost every day though. Seems like everybody needs a different key. Something to drive them.

We have really enjoyed looking over so many photos and stories! Great to know you're not alone-or at least not as rare as you thought!

Well I didn't mean to go on as long or as late as this.

Good to meet everyone!


John's pasted the following links to:

What he's written about our story-

And our photos-

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Marti, we're delighted to "meet" you too after hearing all the wonderful things about you from John!

I'd like to think that we're pretty special here in the way we focus on support for weight loss maintenance. We all know how terrible the statistics are for keeping weight off and maybe group support is one missing piece of the puzzle. It's just so gratifying to be able to interact with people who understand exactly what we're going through, whether it's with family members or clothes shopping or self-image issues.

The two of you are a welcome addition to our group and we're looking forward to hearing lots more from you!
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Welcome Marti,
Nice to meet you after hearing about you from John. Congratulations on your 6 years of maintenance!

I think you're right that everyone has to find their "key", be it enjoying a non-competitive sport or activity, competing, or competing with yourself. I was one of the ones who became a trainer, but have recently transitioned back into the "real world".

Glad to have you both as part of our community!

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We're all glad you found us! Congrats on the loss and the maintenance!
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