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Default Low carb bread

For the last 3 months I have completely wiped out bread from my diet. About a week ago I found a low carb muffin mix that I wanted to try. The muffin mix was actually quite good (and after baking too ) After the success with the muffin mix, I tried pizza dough and made some home made pizzas which kept me full a long time.
The problem was that I stalled out on my weight loss so it must be the bread or wheat gluten. Once I removed the breads, I am okay again. I guess this woud be maintenance food for whenever I finally get there.

Honestly, I never noticed before what bread did to me until I removed it from my diet. It also made me feel crappy and moody.
Does anyone else have these issues with bread?
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I was never a daily bread eater in the past but did enjoy that crusty, chewy European style bread every once in a while. Still, bread is convenient for sandwiches and other grab-and-go meals. I occasionally use a low carb baking mix for biscuits and have a stock of low carb tortillas and pita breads in the freezer. I use them maybe once or twice a week in small amounts. Perhaps they slow my loss but they haven't completely stalled me. I'm in this for the long term so keeping variety and having interesting meal choices is most important to me and trumps a potentialy quicker loss - besides, I can't afford to replace my wardrobe every two months!
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Bread is my downfall...I bloats me up almost immediately. I currently have excluded all bread from my diet however I plan to slowly add them in again. I have a loaf of Ezekial bread in the freezer, it is a very healthy bread although not necessarly "low carb" and I also have the atkins baking mix. Maybe you are just having too much, try and limit how much bread you have and have it only in the morning/afternoon, not late at night so your body has a chance to burn it off. I don't think I want to go the rest of my life without bread.
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I have been been doing the same for about 2 1/2 weeks. No bread at all, mostly because I know if I have one, I won't stop! My mother actually told me of a large flat bread, over a foot long that contains 6 carbs for the entire thing. I have not tried it as I would have to drive about 25 miles to get it, but I may this weekend. I don't even think I could eat half of it now (I think my stomach must be shrinking because I don't have the appetite I used to). But even 3 carbs is totally doable!

I know they have it at specific Wal-Marts if you want to look for it. If anyone has tried it, I would love to hear about it! Good luck everyone!
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Hey BrittanieYork! Did you ever try that large flat bread you mentioned in your post from 2010? I'm a bread lover and often use low-carb tortillas as a substitute but was wondering about this bread you mentioned.
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I don't know about the bread that is mentioned above, but I like to eat Lavash bread by Joseph's. It is about 11" by 9", 50 cal per half sheet, 7 grams of carb, 3 grams of fiber for a net carb of 4. It makes awesome wrap sandwiches etc. Made from Oat Bran, Flax and Whole wheat. This from someone who's favorite bread is soft white bread and hates all those whole wheat, whole grain cardboard breads. There are also pocket breads from the same company made the same way. Also yummy, but they tear and make holes easily.
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