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Question Headaches... how do I get rid of them!

I know this is common and I did check other threads for this (albeit briefly) without luck, but here is my problem.. I've done low-carb before, but haven't for a while. I had kind of been doing a modified South Beach, but hit a 3 week plateau and thought I might try to re-do and induction phase. All is well except the dull headache I have had for a week now. It seems to come and go, but it's present more than absent!

What can I do that won't sabotage my diet or involve oodles of aspirin?
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Assuming your headache is coming from lack of carbs on your current diet, then depending on which reduced-carb diet you're doing, have some dairy or beans. South Beach allows both on phase 1.
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sometimes headaches are a result of inadequate hydration. Are you getting enough water?
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Would you mind posting a typical day's menu? Also, how much water are you drinking?
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Definitely make sure you're getting enough water. Induction phase always makes me pee like crazy and so I think it can cause slight dehydration as you're losing weight.

I get headaches so bad when I'm lo-carbing, the main thing that has helped me is taking a TCM formula(traditional chinese medicine). It's custom made by an acupuncturist/herbalist and has really done wonders for me, it's pretty reasonably priced too.
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Default headaches

when i started the diet i had headaches for the first two weeks but know they are gone maybe its withdrawals from not eating a high carb diet
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Default Headaches

This may not be your problem but...when I first started dieting years ago I was drinking and eating alot of things with aspartame. I used to have lots of headaches. I cut out eating or drinking anything with aspartame and no more headaches. Just try it for a week and see if this is the culprit. I hope this helps someone. Now, I do not chew gum, as most gum has aspartame and also, only drink water or beverages with splenda i.e. diet rite.
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check your blood pressure.. When mine goes even just slightly above normal (130/90, is high enough) I get a dull headache, that just won't go away!!! That's how I found out I had HBP, I went to the Doc for a sinus infection, then it was 178/130 I was like ok!! Been on meds for several years now... No headache.. Hope to come off them when I am thin!! But maybe not.. Thin people get HBP pressure too!!
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I get a headache when I don't drink enough water.
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I just started a week ago and i have those headaches too. Iam drinking tones of water i think it's normal i just hope it will go away soon!
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Hello, Bree. I've found stretching and simple yoga stretches which get blood to the head a great help. Welcome to 3FC!
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Thank you for welcoming me andthe tip silverlife , i will look into stretching !
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During induction on Ideal Protein they recomend sea salt (yes 1/4 teaspoonful in 4 oz of water) they sell a mineralized (not demineralized) that you are to use, they are kinda fanantical about it. The salt water works, but then again so does tylenol, which is what I would do after the salt water didn't quite take it away.
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The latest Atkins book recommends salt during induction, also.
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A lot of pills... sorry. I never get headaches, but when I do, I go crazy on pain relievers lol.
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