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Question Question about Sugar Alcahols???

I post in the (Ladies who lift/bodybuilding) threads but I am also a carb watcher so I should be splitting time over here too! Ihave a question??
Sugar alcahols are HORRIBBLE for my system. ARGH!! Can't do it.... Even a little bit causes problems. I avoid eating that kind of stuff anyway, but once in awhile you want to have a goodie and not go completely off the wagon. Do any of you know of any good treats (candy/ice cream/ Pie/ cake or whatever...) that is lo-carb and sweetened with splenda, sucralose or something other than Malital (sp?)
Anyone else have these problems with Sugar alcahols?
Thanks so much for reading.
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Sugar alcohols are notorious for causing digestive problems and stalls. Personally, I think they're among the most evil little things ever created. Our darling Leenie found some great research on the different sugar alcohols and what they do. You can find that info in the FAQ sticky at the top of the Atkins forum.

As for little treats, when I get that rare desire for chocolate, I go for a ZCarb bar. They sell them at 7-11 among other places. A dark chocolate macadamia nut bar has 8 grams of carbs total, is sweetened mainly with splenda, and has lots of fiber (added bonus!)
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Default Thanks StarPrincess!

I will have to try a Zcarb bar and see what I think. I will check out that sticky too. Thanks again..
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I think the safest way to go is something you're sure of like jello and whipped cream. I make lots of jello whip kind of things, like whip cottage cheese or ricotta or cream cheese with the jello before it sets. Do a search on JELLO RECIPES and you'll be amazed. Just use sf jello.

Sugar free pudding? Even a few strawberries and cream is better than the sugar alcohols. I'd rather have a few grams of carbs, count 'em and get it over with, like some grapes or something.

Sometimes I can fool myself with a choc protein shake. Or iced coffee with cream and flavored sf syrups.

good luck!
(have you searched our recipes here?)
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If I want to do sweets I have a mock danish.

It has 4 oz cream cheese, 2 eggs, 2 packets of splenda and a little bit of cinnimon. Great chilled and with a bit of whipped cream on top.
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I'm so glad to hear others' opinions about Malitol. I hate it! I think it's evil.

Well maybe not evil, but if I eat any during they day, I'm not enoyable to be around that evening--I get horrible gas and stomach cramps! It was weird how my body has reacted to sugar alcohols. When I first started eating it (about 2 years ago), I didn't have a problem, but it's almost like my body built up an intolerance to it (which is the opposite of what the experts claim happens with sugar alcohols).

In a way it's good though, as it keeps me from eating all of the "low-carb" cookies, brownies, carmel-nut-ooey-gooey-chocolate covered protein bars that they have out now. Not only does it save me money, but also calories! I does limit my options for protein/don't have time for a meal bars. I have found one with out malitol and I can't remember the brand, but it comes in a great honey almond flavor.

When I'm craving something sweet, I would second Dottiejon and reccomend jello--especially during the summer. Sometimes I whip up heavy cream with splenda and cinnamon. It makes a nice mousse and freezing it works too. Depending on how many carbs you're looking for, a small bowl of kettle korn (popcorn seasoned with splenda or commerical brand) is satisfying. I also like frozen crystal light pink lemondade. It makes a nice slushee.

I have a great recipe book--Extreme Low Carb Cuisine (I haven't been to the recipe forum yet, so I don't know if any of these recipes are posted) that has a ton of "sweet" recipes. Here's a quick one:

"Fake Fudge"

Microwave 2 tablespoons of cream cheese for 20 sec. Add 1/2 Tablespoon of cream, 1 packet of Splenda, 1/4 teaspoon of stevia plus (found at GNC or other health food stores) and 1/2 Tablespoon of cocoa powder. Stir well and eat off the spoon!
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