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Default New to this!

New to both this forum and low carb way. I am just getting started altho I have read a couple of different books about it. I can't seem to get past the reading stage.

Does anyone have any really good advice or tips? Anything would be appreciated.


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Welcome Jen!

I've been doing Atkins for 115 days. I've lost 35 pounds. The thing that has helped me the most is keeping a food journal. I just bought an 89 cent journal and in it I keep track of what supplements I've taken ( I take a multi-vitamin, calcium, and magnesium each day), my water consumption, meals, snacks, and number of net carbs consumed. It has kept me honest.

There are two other things that have been invaluable to me. The first is checking in here every day that I'm near a computer. The advice and inspiration are fantastic. The other thing is joining in on the challenges on this board. I completed the Great Pumpkin Challenge and am now doing the New Year's Eve Champagne Challenge. It's wonderful to have people around who are going through the same things I am.

I hope this has helped some. Good luck.

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Hi Jen -

I've been following atkins since mid-July and am currently down 41 pounds.

Here's my advice.

1. Change your focus! This is much easier when you're enjoying and appreciating all the great things you can eat instead of dwelling on what you can't. Gathering up a good supply of low-carb recipies to try will help with this.

2. Read labels. Always. Even if it's something you don't plan on getting or eating. It keeps you aware of what you're eating and when you find yourself in a restaraunt or other situation where you don't have a label, you'll know enough to make a good estimate of what you're eating.

3. Read the low carb and atkins forums. There is a huge amount of valuable information here!

4. Exercise. It may not be fun, but it's necessary. There are plenty of us here that wish we had started earlier.

5. When it comes to cravings, procrastinate. Sometimes we just want that french fry, piece of candy (even sugar free is bad), or other little evil so bad! The most effective trick I've learned is to tell myself "maybe I'll have it in a little bit" or "maybe I'll have it after I do _______" It gives you time and space to get away from it while changing your focus so you don't do something you'll regret.

6. Weigh, measure, take a picture. These are great ways to track your progress and success. Sometimes we don't lose weight, but we're losing inches. And it's pretty amazing to see your before, during and after pictures.

Sorry, my list got long. Hope this helps though. Welcome, and have fun!
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Karla & StarPrincess

Thanks for the tips. The exercise and water are usually not a problem. I have been trying to use to keep track of everything but find it a pain sometimes.

I'm going to track down some recipes to try. I'm also going to cut out coffee but that may be a challenge.

Thanks again and I'll keep checking in. I may have a lot more questions as I go along.

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Talking Hi Jen

You've already been given terrific advice - just wanted to stop in and say hello and welcome!

This site is terrific with great, knowledgeable and friendly chicks (& rooster)!

Looking forward to getting to know you!

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