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Default Daily Cluck--nov 6

good afternoon all! getting ready to finally go shopping, as i never got out on tuesday. the internet was in and out most of yesterday. so, i thought i'd check and post before leaving.

this "new lifestyle" is exciting. having started out in small town/rural ms, i would never have imagined anything like this. this truly is all new to me. i will try to post pics this weekend or next week of my honey bunch and me dressed for the ball. i have already decided to to eat whatever i want while there. it was hard for me to agree to actually go, being our tickets were $120 together. so, i'm gonna enjoy it, even if it takes me two weeks to get off the damage. this is a new way of life for me. there will be times when i know that i want to get off briefly. and i don't feel guilty about it.

we will be in turkey for about 20 more months. this is a 2 year assignment. what an opportunity this is to see another part of the world. folks here are extremely friendly.

robinh--i hear ya about the sitter situation. i completely trust the family that my dd will be staying with tonight. it just so happens that one sitting for my dd is a twin and the only one of the four girls that does not have a regular sitting job. for those of you who don't know, i have an identical twin too. mine posts here too as "supersized". she is truly my favorite prenatal companion!

as i mentioned on the atkins daily thread, please pray for our deployed troops and their families left behind, especially as we approach the holidays. these men and women have sacrificed a lot. i am very proud to be an american and feel privileged that we have a military that is completely voluntary. each one of these women and men have made a conscious decision to join, so that we may all enjoy the freedoms that we so often take for granted. just keep them in your thoughts and prayers, please. i am so grateful for and proud of them.
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Good morning.

fullfig - I hope you feel like Cinderella at your ball. I would love to try living in another country for while to experience a different culture. I think it would be so rewarding to see things from a new perspective.

Parent/teacher conferences start today. The kids have an 11:15 dismissal and we stay until 6:30 tonight and are here from 7:30-12:30 tomorrow. I hope I get a good turnout. Usually special education teachers are like the Maytag repair man. The lonliest people in the building. The up side is that I get tons of work finished during the two days.

Well I've got to go fix a glitch in my grading program. It's telling me that everyone in my whole language class is earning a D or an F. Something is not right. I will get to the bottom of this.

Have a great day!

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Come on Spring!
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Quick wave at Cinderella and Tip who loves her job!

The Girls have been up since 5 and now are sleeping soundly on the couch while I carry on with Life. Harry is still asleep too. What a bunch of sluggards!

I'm going to cook myself a mushroom omelet and ignore them all!

Have a super day!
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Angry Good early morning!

Fullfig-our troops are always close to mind and thought. I can only imagine it even tougher with the holidays. Yes, Cinderella at the ball escorted by her Prince Charmin!

Tippur-Hope you get that computer program working or I'm sure you'll have some hoppin' mad parents!

Ruthie-Enjoy that omelette to the sounds of snores throughout the house! At least it's a bit of quiet time for you. Hey, isn't the maple syrup / pancake breakfast coming up soon? Your spiled comment the other day reminded me - lol

So much to do today I'm not sure where to start but I'll start off here and wing it! It's senseless to do my kitchen floors before the weekend with all the "boys" hanging out . The yard is so full of leaves and damp from the morning moisture they inevidently end up inside in one form or another. But a quick flylady, bit of typing, grocery store and bake the ice cream fudge cake for Stephen & Chad. Of course, going to the grocery store means cleaning out the fridge....again.

I haven't been able to find the newer BodyFlex and have been slack with the old. Everyone who has it, did you buy it on line?

Okay, off for more coffee! Have a terrrrrrrific day!


Gee, even Peachie is exercising! I'm impressed!
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Just a quick check in...

kfs - nope, nothing on the doctor front yet. He was out yesterday and the nurse practitioner wants him to review my chart. She is concerned since I had Endo surgery only 3 months ago.

Fulfig... I hope your ball is wonderful!!

Karla - good luck with the parent/teacher confrences. My kids dont have theirs for another couple of weeks. I always like to go in and talk to the teachers one on is so hard to do it any other way!

Mama j - I need to do my floors too! sigh.. It seems like the kids mess them up 20 minutes after I do them... I dont have dogs.. yet... I need to get the fly lady emails started again.. I really was doing well with it last year !!

Ruth - Enjoy that omlette - I wish I could sleep in a bit too!

Well, Gotta run, going to the gym this morning.. I will try to check in later
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Been to the gym with KFS and out for omletts after, she has Library duty today. I am going to hit the shower and go to the mall, Macy's and Fileens both have coupons in the paper wich is always a motivator to find a really good sale. The house work will just have to

Happy day everyone,
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Hi everyone

Ive been pretty busy the last couple of days.....we bought a new computer the other night, and it turned out to be quite the affair. Finally got everything straightened out last night, and hubby spent most of the evening downloading all our programs and files to the new pc. All is good again

A lady came into the store yesterday and said to me "I'll take THAT shelf" (twig shelving unit) it was one of the ones I made a year ago, and she was the first one to take a real interest in it (about 3 days ago) Now with christmas season almost here, Im short one very large shelving unit. So today, Im cutting branches, and measuring, go to use the drill, and its dead the backup battery pack too!! So, Im still sitting with stock all over my store in a mess. Hopefully tomorrow, I'll get it finished up and on the floor. Ive still got one more shipment of stock to come, and I was worried before where I was going to put it, now Im really worried.......I need to get busy!

I havent had a chance to read everyones posts, so Im off, I wanted to post before it got too late and I forgot, or felt too lazy.

Have a great evening everyone!
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Fullfig, I hope you have a super time at the ball. I would get off plan for that event too. Hope you enjoyed your evening at the Ambassador's house tonight.

Mamaj, I ordered my bodyflex plus set from home shopping network, It was a little cheaper than buying it from the bodyflex site.

I've finally jumped on the exercise bandwagon. I've been doing bodyflex before and after work since Monday. Since each video is only 15 minutes long, I've been doing them both. The new video leaves out some of the leg positions that I really need. I've also started walking for 40 minutes on my lunch break when it doesn't rain. I went to the gym tonight for my first workout with weights. I'm hoping to see some positive results soon as I seem to be stalled.
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