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Default Tuesday's Cluck--nov 4th

good afternoon all. i've been trying to touch my bases with the different threads this afternoon, but am really gonna have to get off soon. i've got housework that needs to be done before going shopping this afternoon. we have been invited to a dinner and showing of "the recruit" at the ambassador's residence on thursday evening. i've got to find a sitter for my dd too. she has stayed with a sitter just once before, even though she is 4 years old. i know, i probably need to work on that. then the ball is saturday night. so we've got a busy few days coming up. anyway, i'd better get off for now. it was great reading posts from so many people that i'd never heard of before yesterday. enjoy your day all!
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Gee, fullfig, it sounds like a very elegant life over there. To the Ambassador's residence and then to a Ball! I'm envious! I bet you'll feel great knowing you are nearly 30 pounds lighter.

Hershey HAS to go on low carb! She is gaining instead of losing and I just found out why! I feed both dogs at about 4:30 BUT Harry has been giving Hershey another supper at 6 when I am upstairs checking my email before dinner! I think he has been doing this consistently since he had his stroke early in September. Oy! Hershey, who is part pig, would eat seven suppers if you gave them to her. Lucy refuses her second supper so H. has been putting the food back into the bag! I have to solve this problem. Maybe a timelock on the cupboard?

My pal Lurker Lorraine is coming over this morning for coffee so I need to get my fluffy butt in gear!

Have a great Tuesday, fullfig and Low Carb! chicks to come!
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Good morning.

Ruth, I know what you mean about putting your baby on a diet. I have a cat that weighs 17.7 pounds. DH didn't want to put him on a diet because it might deprive the other 3 cats. I put my foot down after the last vet visit. I told him it wouldn't kill any of them to eat a little less. The others seem to be doing alright, and Bubby (my "fluffy" one) doesn't seem to be suffering at all. We'll see if it works.

Unusually warm morning, today. They say it's supposed to turn really cold in the next few days. Good, I love cold weather. (I think it has something to do with my "fluffiness").

My little guy with leukemia is starting to lose his hair. I asked him how he was doing with it, and he seems to be fine. He said he was just going to get a buzz cut. Other than that, he seems to be coming along pretty well. He goes Friday for his bone marrow scan ( I think they do a lumbar puncture) to see if they can find any leukemia cells in his marrow. Then I think he starts his second round of chemo. There is going to be a benefit to raise money for the family, soon.

fullfig is right, it was wonderful seeing all the new names. Have a great day everyone.

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Angry Good morning!!

DH went to pick up one of the workers so, here I am! lol

Fullfig - I agree with Ruth, it sounds a very glamorous lifestyle you have! Balls and Ambassadors, oh my! I want pics!

Ruth - Hershey's been living the high life too! All those wonderfully served meals! Enjoy your visit with Lorraine!

Tippur - I'm so glad to hear your student seems to be doing well. A cat that weighs 17.7 pounds? Goodness! My little poochie weighs 18, just looked at her and can't imagine a cat that big!

I had to grin with the comments about nice to see all the new names! Trying to round up those m.i.a. chickies who've been known around these parts for a lonnnnng time is wonderful! See how long it's been - you're practically newbies again!

Today will be full of accounting package to be sent to a lender for one of our clients. Ugh, hate it! It's a their program and all the work I've already done is gone-zip-notta-nothin'! Grrrr, so, I'm redoing three months work! Not happy here but they sent me a new set so hopefully no cliches in this one! Hoping to squeeze in some time to get my nails done as they're in dire need and the rest of the week is pretty full too.

I'm not talking about dinner last night......did pretty good but ain't talkin' bout the scoop of mashed potatoes that I didn't need after I ate so well. Nope, not saying a word.

Have a terrific day & drink that water!

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Good Morning

Karla, I'm so sorry to hear about your little guy, gee it must be so hard. If there is anything us chickies and do to help, please let us know.

Nothing much here is new SOSDD.

Got my water, glug glug GAG GAG! GROWL GROWL !!! HOWEL!!!!
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Good Morning All!!

I was given a sign yesterday, from the dieting gods!! I was out christmas shopping, and decided I deserved a big ole Mrs Fields cookie. So I bought one, and paid $2 for it, and while Im paying for it Im thinking I could get 2 or 3 krispy kremes for this, it better be good! Im walking away, and Im fiddling with my bags, and my keys, and the cookie slides out of the bag and plopped onto the mall floor I figured, I wasnt suppose to have that and tossed it all in the garbage, and went and did MORE shopping

Ive been working almost frantically to get my fundraising programs up and running for the christmas season in the store. So far we have booked one shopping party for a summer camp. We have gotten involved with this project in particular and have offered several of our products for them to sell during their mall drives. They are a brand new organization and are very low on $, so every little bit helps them out. Ive been working on labels for another fndraiser product and hopefully within the week, I'll be set to launch that too.

Pretty much all of our new stock has arrived, just 2 more shipments to come. I love this time of year, and all the fun stuff to sort thru, and purchase for the store!! Even the ups man wants to know what cool stuff has come in

Fulfig, have a wonderful time, and dont worry about your dd. My dd is turning 7 this weekend, and I still have alot of trouble leaving her with a sitter. So your not alone Go have fun!

Ruth, maybe switching scoops to smaller ones? that way Harry can still feed them, but they wont be fed 2x as much?

Have a great day everyone!
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Morning everyone......... today is MY DAY OFF!!!! I am going to try to arrange to finally use the mothers' day present my dds got me: a 2hr 45min "Body & Sole Special session": an oatmeal and honey almond scrub, along with a swedish massage therapy, finishing with a peppermint twist food soak!!! : I've never had a massage - and I can really use it about now.......

Janice....... this one's for you: I couldn't find a kicking smilie, so Good luck w/that accounting stuff - for sure I know how that can be. My sil won't be doing income taxes this year (needs to spend more time w/my dd and the babies) so he has asked me if I would take over about 25 of his clients - I wanted to say no, but dh(the sh) reminded me that we really need the $$....... so, it will be yet another year of hectic tax season for me, just when I was trying to wind down and "redistribute" my accounting clients!! oh well..........

Ruth, I've never seen a timelock for a cupboard, but if you find one, please let me know if it would fit on my refrigerator!!

Fullfig, just reading about balls and such, living in Turkey - WOW! it sounds so wonderfully exotic and what a terrific experience! How long will you be stationed there?

Leens, great to see you again.......... how is that gorgeous Gracie?

Karla.... we haven't officially "met", but all good thoughts and prayers have been going out for your student

Well, that's it - gotta go make that massage appointment! Have a great day, everyone!

Gee, Robin... you snuck in on me!! Have a great day!
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Just got a quick moment today as I gotta jump in the shower and head downtown (ugh! Hate downtown traffic) to a client.

Karla - when the donation drive is on for your little guy maybe you could post an address for us to send $. He has been in my prayers regularly, the poor little darlin'

Have a good day all - I will check in this evening with ya.

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Hi All!

I have to agree with FullFig - It is wonderful to meet all of you I have never met before!

I dont have time to get personal right now.. but I wanted you all to know that I get to go SHOPPING today! FOR ME!!!! I am dropping the kids off at school and going off to the mall to get some new bras.. and some clothes for this shrinking body! WOO HOO! I am only going to get a few items as I know that in 2 or 3 months they will start to get big again.. but hey.. It is still going to be a fun day! AND the new BON JOVI CD is in the stores today so of course I will be getting that as my reward for 25 pounds gone! WOO HOO!!! (Can you tell I LOVE BON JOVI THey are the only guys in the world who could give DH a run for his money! LOL!)

Talk to you all soon!
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Not much going on here. Getting ready for a 1:30 presentation. Thought I would check in for a quick minute.

Fullfig, my favorite neice will be fine with a sitter. She will love it especially if other kids are there. Take pics and give dn hugs and kisses for me.
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It's so great to read all the posts. I just wanted to check in on this fine Tuesday morning and then I'd better get back to work.

Congrats Karen on going shopping for YOU!! You'll have to let us know what you get. I'm looking forward to shopping for me in a smaller size.

RobinH - that was definitely a sign from the dieting gods!! You probably feel better that you didn't eat it anyhow.

Fullfig - have a BLAST at the ball and the Ambassador's house... whew! what a life....

Okay, that's it from here for a while. Everyone have a great day!!
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I wanna go to a Turkish ball. How come my life is so hum-drum? No fair!
We have frost on the ground this morning but it's sunny now. I should get out in the garden and do some cleanup and cutting back but it's still a bit chilly for my taste.

I lost 4 lb overnight after my first day of Fat Fast. Woo hooo. Mind you, that's 4 lb that I gained last week on my carb binge and there's still a couple to go before I'm back where I was the week before. I'm hoping this second day is a little easier than the first.
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reaching my goals
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Linda, that is awesome! It gets a little easier each day. This might be just what you need to get back on track. WOOHOO for you!!!!
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Evening everyone --

Busy group here! It's nice to start putting some details to the names.

I spent the day substitute teaching. Oye. I don't know. I've only done it 4 times but I'm wondering if I've got the right stuff. Subbing is NOT for wusses, that's for sure. I stess all day and come home semi-catatonic. It's so weird to have kids blatantly disobey when you tell them to be quiet or pay attention. My hat is off to teachers today. I really don't know how they do it day after day. I'm wondering if some schools might be better than others as far as discipline goes...

I didn't eat all day -- didn't really have time. Came home to NOTHING quick to eat...which is ALL I was interested in. DH and I ran to Wally World and were going to grab a bite out, I was too tired for that even. So, I bought a can of minestone soup and some smoked chicken breast and had some soup and sandwich. Good enough.

Not much else. I'm a tired chick and need to do a least a few things to start getting ready for the trip north.

Have a great evening!

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