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Default Sunday/chick chat, Oct.5th

Good morning to you all.
Just got back from church and thought I would see what you all have been up to.
Well I guess I am the first one on my third cup of coffee. This will be fast as I have to go for the grandsons after Sunday school. They are toooo cute. I am going to really try to loose some weight as of today- induction welcomes TAZCAT.

Life wouldn't be
the same without all
of you and all the
memories you've
given me.

chat later,
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Morning all.....

I am glad to see everyone seems that some have moved to the Atkins site, which is great, but I am gald we still have this. Although I started my low carb journey with Atkins, it is so restrictive that I knew it could not be a way of life for me, I need more freedom! I apreciate the Atkins thread, lots of great people and wonderful ideas, but I was starting to feel stressed about not being totally solid on "Atkins". Now I feel like I can get the benefits of Atkins followers and those who simply try to eat low carb.

I try to keep it under 20-25 carbs a day, and still eat some foods that make me feel that can live a "more normal" lifestyle given my all the things I an involved in and I don't fell guilty over a eating a few crackers last night, or having a rum and diet coke, or having a small handful of peanuts as a long as I count the carbs.

In fact as I sit here I have a beef roast in the crock pot with onions and carrots, I know carrots have carbs, but I will watch how many I eat......I DID NOT put in potatoes....good for me!!!!! So a few carrots, as long as I count them are fine! If I want to eat a low carb bar, or shake, I am not going to stress! Just count the carbs!

I guess my point is I appreciate both aspects of low carbing..... simply low carb eating and Atkins and benefit from them both!

Lets keep up the good work!!!!

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Lily, you can still do Atkins. It seems restrictive, but really, you make this diet your own. You don't have to stay on induction forever, a lot of people think that's the only way to lose any weight. Well, after the first two weeks, he encourages you to add in carbs every week, until you find out what your threshold is. I got to a point where I could eat about 50 grams of carbs and still lose about a pound a week. You want carrots? Count the carbs and eat them. You want bread? Count the carbs and have some. It's about what works for you, so individualize it, by all means! I miss all the activity on the low carb forum, too. I hope everyone is having a wonderful day, though!
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Default I'm still here

I do visit several other low carb sites as well, though, so sometimes I run out of fun time by the time I get here.

Lilybutt, I guess as long as you continue to lose a moderate amount of weight over time, it doesn't really matter if you are strictly Atkins or not. I don't seem to be able to lose weight unless I keep my carbs and calories very, very low, thanks to my underactive thyroid and my diabetes2. It's a royal pain when I used to be able to lose a lot of weight rapidly once I put my mind to it. Now, no matter how hard I struggle, the results are seldom inspiring.

Nothing too exciting going on here. #1 daughter dropped by for a wee visit today which was nice. We seem to mostly chat about diets and now exercise. She's lost a LOT of weight over the past year, thanks to Meridia. It has just melted off of her. She was a slim child and remained slender even after her first child was born. Then along came her second son and it was as if her metabolism did a total turn-around and she blimped way out. I'd say she's lost about 60 lb now and only has a few more to go. She's looking like herself for the first time in 16 years and I'm so happy for her.
Got an e-mail from #2 daughter in Scotland who only has a month until her first baby arrives. They've been busy fixing up the nursery but she's had two bad colds in the past few weeks. No wonder she's tired being so far along, working full time AND suffering colds. Wish I could see her and give her a hug. I'm still hoping we can visit them for Christmas but there are obstacles which I'm hoping we can overcome. Time is running out if we want to get good flight prices though.
I hope everyone is having a nice weekend. Tomorrow is my Weigh In and Measuring so I will let you know the good or bad news. Hope it's good.
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Trying to find my way.
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I just made 10 wonderful floral arrangements for my IL's 50 anniversary. as soon as I can get the camera hooked back up to the computer I will post them.
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