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Exclamation Friday in the henhouse

Wakey-wakey! Eggs and bakey, coffee, and my mom is having a cinnamon bun to die for!

Hope you're all having a great day today, I'm just waiting for 5 o'clock. Talk to you this evening!
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Come on Spring!
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MMMMMM - a cinnamon bun! I just had a whole wheat English muffin with FF cheese and a chili veggie dog on it. I think that is Phase 2 of the South Beach Diet but I really don't care at the moment.

Yesterday was a rough day in some ways but I've already whined in my journal about it so I'll spare y'all!

The frost is definitely on the meadow this morning! It looks like it snowed out there. I guess fall is officially here. I hope it killed all the tomato plants because I am sick of making salsa and chili sauce! A gorgeous sunny day is underway and I'm off to music lesson this morning if I can get someone to check in on Harry.

Happy TGIF in the Coop.
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Just a quick one, I am making baked beans if I can find my recipie. Had a sleep in. I am on vacation until Tuesday. Fullfig, buy some senna leaves at a health store, throw some in a cup to make a tea , drink, 3 hrs. later you poop. good stuff,
Sherrie- you go GIRLLLLLLLL. GWL.Well I will be back later.
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Lovin' Life
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Good Morning all

Ruth~ I think buffalo missed autumn. We have had hail and slushy rain for the last 2 days. Im worried Im not going to be able to get my daffy bulbs in again this year.

Sherrie~ WTG!! Your doing wonderful!!

Im still op and doing pretty good. I had all my hair chopped off the other day. Its been a very long time since Ive had it this short. Sort of like Haley Bairy's hair cut, pretty much just as short too. Im not sure if Im liking it or not. I'll give it another week before I make my final decision. I had it cut, because the thinner my face got, the bigger my hair seemed. and just when I didnt think my face could get any thinner, I noticed yesterday it looked thinner again. Im loosing in all the wrong places!!

We have had the strangest weather here. Rain, hail, slush, sunshine/ repeat.....all within an hours time. Strange very strange.

Have a great day everyone!
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Hello chickies!

I'm coming out of the woodwork to say I'm still alive and although not currently following a plan, I am still hoping to get back on track when things settle down here.

Just going to the airport to pick up dh from his 2 week trip to Atlanta. Next week, we are going to Ohio together since we haven't spent much time together at all. Things are obviously very busy here and I suspect they are just as busy for you

Take care and have a great weekend
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Taz, you crack me up!

Robin, lucky you on the face getting thinner. I cut my hair off really short and I still have the fat cheeks and neck. Not as flattering as I thought it would be!

Pooky, glad things are plugging along for you. I bet your miss your man! Mine has been in Holland since Monday and I am pretty lonely!

Ruth, homemade salsa, I'm envious! I guess the excitement of it does eventually wear off, though.

Ok, off to CLEAN HOUSE. I am tired of the clutter, and things that I have been holding back for later is just going to get tossed in the trash. If I haven't needed it yet, I probably won't. I think this will be a cleansing day!
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thin within
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tazcat--i'm a little bit gunshy on herbal teas right now. i wound up in the er last saturday after drinking a turkish herbal tea that is supposed to be a laxative. it did work as a laxative, with the cramps to boot, but landed me in er due to a reaction to it. thanks though. i've been on sugar-free metamucil since wednesday, but nothing. even after two teaspoons a day. just been five days with no movement, so not bad yet. we'll see.
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Yikes, Fullfig. That sounds very uncomfortable. I hope you get relief soon. I'm lucky that I'm very regular but when I travel I can sometimes have a problem. I also can't eat rice (not that I would on low carb anyhow) because it turns to concrete in me.
The last time I ate rice, I thought I'd need the Jaws of Life to help me "work it out".
Pooky, good to hear from you. I hope you have a nice get-away with your dh. Post when you can.

I was out to lunch today and there were lots of tempting things on the menu but I managed to stick with the Chef's Salad which contained chicken breast, rolled up ham, hard boiled egg and cheese along with the salad stuff. When I got home, I had a cup of my yogurt.

It's still lovely weather hear with temps in the high 60s and low 70s and still no freezing at night. I'm still getting oodles of tomatoes because the vines are right next to the house on the south side. I have lots of gardening chores that must be done soon but I'm feeling very lazy. I'll start tomorrow.
Somebody, come and clean my house. ..PLEASE.
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Come on Spring!
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Will clean house for good weather and tomatoes! (Besides that, your DH is pretty darn cute!)
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reaching my goals
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I went through my closet this week and took out the clothes that were now too big. YAE FOR ME!!! I haven't lost anymore weight this week but it sure felt good to weed out the closet a bit. I've had to wear businees suits to work three days this week and have discovered that they are getty kinda baggy. Some of the zippered pants can be pulled down over hips with undoing buttons and zippers. I'm not sure how many inches I've lost as I didn't take measurements when I started.

If you are a slow loser like me, I recommend going through your closets and removing the baggy clothes for an instant motivation.

Good luck over the weekend to all of you!
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Way to go, Super!

Ruth, if you could see my dh right now.....or better yet HEAR him snore from the other end of the house...I'm not sure you'd be tempted. LOL The TV is blaring full blast and he's in full recline. I'm sure the rafters are rising and falling with each snore.
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