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Default New to Atkins - need help.advice

Hi, my name is Ellie. I started Atkins 2 weeks ago. I have made many mistakes with hidden carbs but think I got it under control. I am a bit frustrated because on Saturday I finally had a good reading on my strip. I also got very sick and went to urgent care Saturday night. They gave me shot of steriods, Augmentin, allerga and vicodin. I am also on a very low dose birth control pill and ACE inhibtor for blood pressure, WOW!!! that is a lot! Since the trip to the hospital my strip is back to square one. I would like to post a few menus so that maybe you can tell me if I am doing something wrong. I was drinking alot of crystal light, found out that is a no no. Okay, here goes..

B -1 1/2 atkins muffins w cream cheese
B- 2 Scambled eggs w, cheddar cheese, 3 pieces bacon

L - hamburger patti with cheese, lettuce tomato mayo. mustard, pickles, celery sticks with blue cheese dressing, ice tea with 1 packet splenda
L- grilled pork chops cut up with sauted red/green bell peppers and onion (about 1/4 cup)

S- Pork Rinds
S- Atkins shake

D- tuna salad (tuna, eggs, celery, green onion, mayo) salad greens, olive oil vinagrette
D- grilled Carne Asada with a salad

S- atkins muffin w/butter
S Atkins bar

That is two meals each. I have been very careful reading labels, the looks I get in the grocery store! I made sure that the sausage doesn't have any fillers and that there is no hidden carbs. I have been trying to force myself to drink lots of water and use only low carb condiments. I have stayed away from diet soda and other sugar free drinks and jello because I don't know how to count carbs for those, any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.


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Do you want the bad news first or the good news.

well for the good news do not get yourself in a tizzy over the strip. I have never used them and neither has many of the girls here.

for the bad newws drop the shakes and p-bars for a while. that will even though it says that the sweeteners in there do not affect the bolood sugars it can. in the PP book one they talk about the dog and bell responce. remember hearing about that as a child ring the bell and the dog starts to salvate? well try havig your body tast something sweet. or walk infront of your favorite pastery shop do you just drool??? well your body is doing the same thing it is sending out insulin with the taste of sugar that is one of the biggest reasons not to drink diet soda.

for the good news also the steroid they shot you up with and the antibiotics can also throw yoru bloods out of wack so just hang in there girl it will adjust then the fat will just fall off you!!!
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