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Default Cures for the Common Cold

Well, tis the season to get ill! Was hoping to find some home remedys that might work, or at least make me and many others feel better.

What I do when the dreaded cold sets in is:

Fresh chopped garlic on flat bread (wasa crackers) with butter, and a strong cup of sweet tea. No worry of spreading the bug, as ppl won't come within 20 feet of you!LOL

The old standby, homemade chicken soup, with plenty of garlic and veggies, got a pot on the go as I type!

Hot toddy's at night to soothe the soul and help me sleep.

Plenty of rest, warmth and vicks vapo rub, I feel so sexy right now smeared and shiny. ha ha ha

What do you do when the bug hits your house??
Any good chicken soup cure all recipes out there??
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I take benedryl which unstops my nose and knocks me out. I also use the steam method (head under a towel, above a steamer) and hot and sour soup for congestion.
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Um... would you believe hot Neo-Citran and 2 ounces of Scotch? I do that at the first sign and sleep for about 12 hours!
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oh i've tried just about everything. sometimes, some warm red wine, then being bundled into bed for a sweaty nap helps. i've gone the vitamin C-lysine-zinc route with fair success.

and recently i've tried echinacea. with mild success.

once i'm stuck with it, it's lots of non-caffeine fluids. i hate taking decongestants. so, i just do the best i can and pray HARD that i don't get a secondary infection!!!
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Nyquil and Dayquil. Its the only thing that gets me functioning
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Nyquil and Dayquil for me too. And, if I get really desperate to breath I will buy a nasal spray. Trouble is I get hooked on them and have to then wean myself off.
Any hot drinks (with or without Scotch ) are helpful. Some people swear by zinc lozenges for sore throat.
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Halls--my best friend when I'm super busy. I hate all "daytime" cold remedies (they leave me just as foggy headed as the "nighttime" remedies), love Nyquil but will occasionally have a Neo Citran if I'm really desperate. Preventative wise--OJ and chicken noodle soup and lots of herbal tea, green tea being a favourite since it does so much good for the body.
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