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Default November S-U-C-C-E-S-S Challenge

November S-U-C-C-E-S-S Challenge

Well the 11th month is upon us. There are several requests for this.

As many of you know that I had this all written out and had posted individual goals for us all. Well due to a busy schedule I cannot replicate the whole thing but I am going to cut this down to weekly success challenges as it has been brought to my attention that T-day is coming on Thursday the November 22, as week early. So there for we are going to have to do some tricky work to stay on tract for the month. That means it is only 2 weeks away. Not much time. So I am going to get started.

First I would like to touch on the importance of this month. It is the traditional month of giving thanks, for the Americans, and our Canadian friends celebrate with us in their own way. So as we start this month I want to have us all think about our lives. What we have and what we are thankful for. And where we are. We live in a great place, we have a great bunch of friends, and we have each other. I want us to keep the importance of our friendship as an intrigal part of our lives. I know that as the holiday seasons come we have the tendency to stop posting. I for one did that last year and fell for the tune of 20 lbs and 6 months of back slides. We need to check in and at least post weekly to maintain our focus.


What do we want? What are our goals??? We all want to lose weight right?? Why? Mostly everyone will say to become healthy, and to feel good about out selves, to lessen the stress on our body, to be able to do the things that we cannot do now. We are doing this for us for our health, for our well being!!! With this in mind we need to take a close look at our diets. I have seen many people fall this last month (including my self), and some have had good reasons to seek the comfort of food. But honestly has it comforted us?? / Haven’t we just felt bad after knowing we were cheating our selves??? Well this month we are going to change that. Before we stick food in our mouths we are going to think, is this what I really want? Will it help me feel better?? Am I eating it just because it is there??? Will I feel better eating this than I will reaching my goal?

With our chosen way of eating the health follows. We are eating this way because of the health benefits. Because of how we feel when we are OP! WE know that carbs are bad for us, so why do we eat them??? (I also fall into this same problem) I binge till I cannot think then I beat my self up for it. This is a way of eating, a way of life. This is not a diet that is temporary. When you drive and you find your self-speeding do you hit yourself barrate your self and keep going?? NO you slow down immediately (Like I do ) and you get back to the correct speed. You do not finish going the distance speeding. Take this into your everyday life. If you do some thing wrong, do you then do everything wrong for the rest of the day??? No you pay closer attention and do it next time correctly. I want you all to take this into the next month. If you find that you have stuffed your face with carbs, stop then and do the right thing. Get back OP for the rest of the day. You are doing this for your health, to regain your life back. To be who you know you can be. You are there inside and want to come out. So lets let it come on out.

I am seeing many people that have fallen recently coming back and wanting to recommit them selves. Great lets all give them a great big hug, and a huge hand in support. We all know how hard it is to come off a binge.

I know that this months goals are all different and being a month of holiday we need to have small goals. I have asked anybody to send me their goals and I have compiled them for a wonderful challenge for us all!!!

First I want you all to remember to eat. This may sound funny! But we all need to maintain enough calories for our body to function and stay out of the dreaded starvation mode!!! So maintain your calorie intake to about 1200. More if you are really heavy or are doing a lot of exercise to about 1500 – 1800.

Now let the fun begin!!! Your challenge if you accept is ………………
Week of Nov 7-16 2001 yes this is a 10 day week

Scooby2 – get out your exercise clothes and have them all washed, cuz here goes.. Stay OP for the whole week, take in good calories and start to do your exercise. I want a report at least 4 times this week that you have done exercise. I mean the kind that will bring a bead of sweat on your brow.

Jennifer3FC if you do come on and join us here is yours!!! I want to hear a report that you are still OP, continuing to make your low glycemic choices, but most importantly with your busy schedule I want to know that you are eating. You must take in at least your 1200 calories. Or you will be in starvation mode. I also want to hear that you have exercised for 3 days for the next week. Just a start. I do not need log times on the treadmill or running, start small 10 min for 3 days this week OK???

Ruth. I know that you are having a very full time in your life. I want you to first enjoy your grand puppies!!! Then try for this week to keep your carbs average to below 50 carbs so if you have a high day the be OP for the next. This will help get you back op, and still enjoy some of the nibbles. But I expect you to get out of that office every once in a while and take a long walk. The goal for this week is to slow don on the nibbling.

Toni48 your assignment for this week if you choose to take it – journal. Take a good hard look at your foods this week. Think of why you are eating them, are they OP??? Are you eating empty carbs??? Why??? Do this till Monday, then starting Monday make sure you are OP, for the rest of the week. Is that carb loaded food going to get you to goal??? How bad do you want to get to goal??? Is it worth it??? And DRINK at least 4 l a day this week!!! Clear water. If you have a problem with this then add a little flavor to it just to make the water palatable.

JJ you want to start to exercise??? Well you have got it. I want this week to see you reporting that you have exercised at least 4-5 days this week. I am not sure what you do for your exercise but I want to see some sweat. I want to see some increased endurance by the end of the week.

GFM well you have got a weight goal and so be it!!! It is not a high one but it will require work, so start your journal. Take it one week at a time do not think that you have all month, just concentrate on this one week. Stay OP. When you are tempted get out a protein bar or shake, drink that then wait for 1 hour to see if you really want that food. Weigh in on Friday!!!

Hensa you’re a tough challenge. I know how good you have been for the last few months, I also know that you are going to go on vacation but that is not till after this first week!!! HA HA HA ok lets go for this week!!!! In preparing for next week I want you to be really good, journal your foods, or use fit day. Count your carbs to see if you are going over also count your protein, make sure you are getting in enough, and take in your 4-5 L daily of water. Being this good before your vacation will help to keep you stable when you are gone. And will counteract any slips that you have. I also want you to when you are planning your vacation know where your slip-ups are going to be and enjoy them!!!

Jenny/Dondar you are cutting things close going to the Y at 5:30 and being to work by 6:30 that is a tight schedule. Give it a try this week. I want you to go 3 times this week. If before work is not a go then after work. Make “you” time. We all need it!!

Leens you also have a good goal. It is going to require work to. Journal your foods do not guess. That is the downfall of many when we guess we tent to forget some nibbles we had. So watch your food. And journal. Make a slight change in your exercise plan. Kick it up a notch. See some sweat! You have made some great progress and lets get back on the ball. Watch the cheats.

Chickadee you too. You have a good goal it will be tough but you too are going to have to buckle down. You WILL BE at your T-DAY GOAL. So watch the foods journal and see if there are hidden carbs in your intake. Trim the fats just a bit eating a bit less of the fatty things, which should help get you back on the ball.

JHP/Jen you have been having a tough time staying at your current weight. Well girl take my advice and carry about 1 20# bag of flour down the isle at the store. It is really heavy, and how far can you carry it without dropping it??? Just think that is what you want to lose yet. That will get you back down past the size 12’s; just staying OP will get that off. Where your tight pants all week long and when you feel the urge to nibble then bend over and tough your toes, is it hard??? Does your pants squeeze your gut??? Do you want to fit in them again??? Well follow plan increase your water intake to at least 4 – 5L daily that will help get rid of the water in no time!!! About 5-8 lbs of that is water and getting back op will be a big help in riding your self of that water.

Janice. I know you are lurking. I will not ask for much this week but to post at least 5 times this week. Try to stay OP. if you nibble do not continue, just get back OP and finish the rest of the day. Next week though I will expect more from you so take it easy while things get settled. Eat your salad and watch your carbs in you RM!!!

Peach you thought that you would get out of it???? NO WAY!!! I was going to take it easy on you but since you have been back for the last week (mia for a while) I am getting on the ball with you!!! What are you eating? And why??? Are you OP??? is this going to get you to goal??? You have a lost of stressors in your life, but is it truly a reason to eat Off Plan??? Or is it just an excuse??? I want to see you stay OP for the rest of the week including the weekend!!! OK? If you nibble then get back OP..

Nasus40 Yes me I have to make me a weekly challenge. I need to get back into journaling my food or logging it into fitday or lifeform. I also will this week make my water intake up to 5 L daily. I have been doing great on the exercise so that is a continuation of where I am. I will exercise 5-6 times this week and hit 500 cals burned for 4 of them at least. I will watch the food I put in my mouth and stay away from those chocolate chip cookies. (I have been making them but not eating them)

Lodyangel/melody you challenge for this week is to get OP and concentrate on why you manage to fall. what is stressing you. you are reaching for the food for comfort, but is it going to help??? when you want to reach for the worng foods if it is hunger then eat some meat. have some coldcuts on hand and grab a few slices of the meat, that should help get rid of the hunger,

POOKY i almost for got you!!!! well you now are going to get yours. yours is to concentrate on getting back OP. focus your self on getting healthy, and on the right path. are you making the right food choices??? that is for you to do this week. journal to help keep tract of the foods, that will help with the accountability!!!

Annie your challenge is the same sa pooky to get back OP for the rest of this week concentrate on the choices of foods that you make. and decide to dhose the right ones. it is your decision to make and decide that you are going to do it!!

Cathyxxx Hey girl how could you have sliped out of my challenge!!! welll you are in. it is OP for you girl i expect to have you for the rest of this week to stay OP. you have been doing greaat so far now i want you to add some exercise!! i want to see some sweat!!! I want to see some smelly pits!!!! get out there and take 3 days this next week and really challenge your self. becasue this next week there will be more!!! HE HE HE!!!

If I forgot anybody please PM me!!!!

Last of all this week I want us all to do one nice thing for our selves. I need to see that we are caring for ourselves inside and out. To be health on the inside is as important as the outside. So pamper!!!!

Check in daily even to say you are on tract, or you are having a hard time. It is the accountability that will get us through the month. So come on and lets get them!!!

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I hope it's not too late to join in Sue, I sure did put my life onhold until I knew what was happening with my test results. But now that I know and I realize my mistake, I know I have to keep the strategy I had in place--commitement, support and determination.

My WOE goal for this week is to fill my urges for carbs with water. Whenever I want to snack or sneak, I will grab a bottle of water and drink it. I don't care if I float out of the house, but I won't let the carb pass my lips.

My emotional goal is to take some time to be kind to myself. I have been very frustrated lately and I guess it is from my percieved lack of work that I'm doing. In actuality, I do enough work for 5 people in a single day it seems. I have to learn to relax and realize I'm not supermom.

My life stategy goal is to reevaluate the needs of my family and balance it with my own. My daughter is clearly becoming more independent and active and I am going to have to renegotiate her daycare times to allow her to explore the world without destroying everything. I also want to manage more time for me and my dh, something that is hard won in my busy house!

So those are my goals--I'm not necessarily looking for numbers to go down, but to reorganize my life so that it can be managed more efficiently.
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I love you Susan!

I can not believe that you remembered me! I am just overwhelmed!

You want me op? You got it!

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Thank you Susan it made me feel so good that you really talked to me!!! I needed that. I'm almost overwhelmed... I'll work on the journaling. How'd you know I wasn't doing that...?

So here I go...... I can-I will- I am.......
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Susan, you are wonderful!!! I have printed this and I am carrying it with me!! I also just returned from a 20 minute walk around the parking lot!!!

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Thanks Susan for including me in this---you took so much of your own time to do this, the least I can do is to try to rise to the challenge!!!!
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What a wonderful motivator you are! How absolutely marvelous of you to take all that time to set up a challenge for November. Bless you! You are an

I know that 5:30 excercise and be to work at 6:30 will not be easy, but. The Y does not open any earlier. After work it is time for the boys, so cannot fit it in there. I am just planning on a forty minute work out, not a lot of time, but much more than I am doing now.

Thank you for taking the time to personalize your challenge. I think you would make an excellant dietician.

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Jenny i just saw your schedule. WOW I am impressed!!! you have it all togheter. just remember that in 40 min you certainly can get a tremendous workout. if you want check out the results that the body for liffers have gotten and they do 20 min of cardio and 40 of weight lifting. and alternate days with sunday off. i have done that and it is effective. but the key is for that time you must give it your all!!!. check it out. the 20 min of cardio is an all out effort and the weights is what they call HIIT high intensity interval training

and your welcome i did enjoy it!!! i need to sart to work on this next week comming up!! T_Day is in there!! so i will be easy on every body (sort of)
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Well, I walked hard for over a half hour today! I am focussing on improving my lung capacity. So far no asthma reaction to the fast walking but I am carrying my puffer.
Have been on track with food the past two days too.
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