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Arrow Daily, Friday Oct 19th!!

Morning Glories!

pot is clean, coffee is on!

I haveto get up pretty darn early to get on the computer these days...dh is hogging it looking for a job and I barely have time to lurk!

Happy Birthday to Scooby! Such cute kids! Pooky, glad you picked #3!!!

October is a beautiful month....the leaves here are at peak color. Jiff and Mom have been out and about enjoying the scenery. They really seem to be getting along nicely which has been nice for me!

Speaking of scenery...those Yanks are looking pretty darn good! (Chickadee....Raul is for winter break...Derek is for Fall! I have been really torn who to route for in your division...we all know what the Yanks can do to Debkay's team maybe she will read this and come out to play! )

Things here are fine, dh is fine, the boys are fine, I am fine although my pants are getting a tad snug. I don't know what it is going to take to get me back into the low carb groove but I did see a spot on tv where many people have been turning to comfort food so maybe it is just the natural progression of things. Excuses excuses excuses! I will take another stab at it today...the road to he!! is paved with carbs!

Have a great day today and don't go scratching and sniffing your mail ok!!!!!


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Peach, have you been scratching and sniffing again? Don't you know that there are support groups for that sort of thing?

Up and at am early this morning, I have a lot of stuff to do today. Finally got the last few things I need for my photo albums I'm making the family for Christmas this year so I have to finish the assembly. Laundry is forever calling my name and the garden needs my attention badly. All in all, a pretty routine day.

Off to get dressed and get the wee one ready fro daycare this morning and my dh off to work. Have a good one everyone!
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Morning - a late start tro a busy day and just got some sad news about a younger friend. Of course, it's not hard to be younger than me!
More later.
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Morning all!!

Ruth I hope things work out for your friend.

Alright peachie!!!! Do ya feel better, here I am out of lurkdom, you know exactly how to get me to post, just talk bad about my BRAVES!!! If we get past the Diamondbacks and your Yanks can pull off beating Seattle, we'll have to settle this in the ballpark We still have the cutest catcher in baseball

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Good Friday morning one and all--hey great to see you Debkay.

Have been getting out of my carb fog and doing much better at following things through--like it would take me all day to get the sheets on the bed--now it took only an hour--i'm easily distracted!!! Will continue cleaning the guest/junkstorage room and be delighted in any thing i can get completed. Then am finding new and invented ways to use green tomatoes. Have a recipe for a g/t cake that i can eat w/ a happy meal. Been frying them and baking them--all have been delicious.

Will take a walk down by the creek and think about how joyfilled my life really is. The rest of the day will be filled w/who knows what and inbetween i will to do some more things for myself.
carol k
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Well here it is friday the calm before the storm. Saturday is filled with much do item. Blood work for me. I am snack mom for Darren's last soccer game. I am trophy and coach gift organizer for the team. Other son also has a game with a pizza party and trophies after little one's game and award ceremony. Don is receiving a medal at church for boy scout achievements. and finally for Saturday there is the Halloween party at one of Don's friends for the whole family. Sunday I work at Darren's religous ed class and after church, our school garden club is doing a fall cleanup of the school grounds. At least the weather appears to be cooperating for the weekend, partly cloudy and in the 60's.

Scooby and Pooky what lovely little ones! I just have to learn how to use our scanner so I can share/brag about my little s or are they s. Acutally lately they have been more like little s !

Ruth hope your friend is ok.

MamaJ lucky you getting a cleaning lady. Dh keeps saying I can get one, but our house is not clean enough to bring someone in.

Nice to see ya debkay.

Henlady, you sound so busy with all those lgt.

Hensa, good for you, I am glad you looked the enemy in the eye and just say NO!

Have a great Friday all!



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Default Good morning!

Well, the weekend is almost upon us! Hopefully, it will be nice as hubby and I want to clean out the garden.
Today is the usual>cleaning, getting the winter clothing out and storing the summer stuff.
I have no idea what's happening with me but, since I'm on these meds fo my heart, I have no appetite! Food is blah for me. Nothing appeals to me! This is the lady who used to love food! But, as I told hubby, I could afford to live off the fat of this body for a long time! I do eat some, but only a bit, so don't worry I'm not starving myself.
Have a good weekend now and God bless!
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Hallo everyone!

I am doing well, after the chocolate episode, no more cravings. I tried to eat a more protein. I want to ask something. I noticed that on the Sugar Buster thread they have a weekly weigh in day, on the same day once a week they post their results. Why don’t we steel their idea and do the same?

I don’t have much planned for the weekend. I made appointment for the ‘sunbed’ (15 sessions of 30 minutes each) a few days ago and the first one is today. I am going on leave for 3 weeks from the 12th of November until the 30th , planning on getting tanned, don’t want to walk with shorts with fat white legs, I think they look better when they are a bit tanned. Tomorrow I am meeting a friend for breakfast and a nice long chat, after that it is on the sunbed again for the second 30 minutes. Sunday morning we will go to church and then the weekend is over.

LindaBC – is it possible to post that sugar free chocolate pudding, pretty please!

Ruth – I hope everything went okay at the doctor, what is a boob re-call? If it is a boop trade in count me in. Sorry to hear that you got some bad news about your friend.

Jennifer – I have not seen any low-carb chocolates or any Atkins products here. I only found chocolates for diabetics but the carbohydrate count is very high. It will be very sweet of you to send me some, I will really appreciate it. Wouldn’t it be very expensive?

Scooby2 – I am ssssssoooooo glad you enjoyed your birthday.

MamaJ – why not get help if hubby is prepared to pay!! It is so true, time spend with our love-ones is very precious, it is weekends like this that makes up your memory album, Enjoy your weekend.

Peachie and Debkay – you guys make me laugh, may the best team win.

Peachie - Snuffing and scratching the mail! LOL

We had a few incidents here in S.A. were people received mail with a white powder in it. It turns out all of them were jokes, in one case it was coffee creamer.

You all must enjoy your weekend, I will be back on Monday.

Love you all.

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Come on Spring!
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Well, back from a morning of Accounting.

The word on my friend is not good - she has a massive haemorrage (sp) in the brain, is now in a coma and the doctors do not hold out any hope. This woman is someone I met throught a garden group on the Net and have met her in person four times. We really like each other and I was planning to visit her in Michigan. However, I guess that is not to be. Sharon is just in her early fifties, if that!

Have also just received an email from my greenhouse pal, Lorraine. Her husband has been very depressed and is now suicidal and paranoid. She is watching him very carefully but is extremely worried, of course. He has been listening in on her phone calls and wants no company in the house. Thank God for email! Her daughters are nearby and are going to try to intervene - he may be hospitalized.

The fun just never stops!!!!

Gee, my own small medical problems seem like nothing! The boob re-call went ok - the lump is still there but smaller. The "extra ovary" and bleeding problem has been referred to another doc for a second opinion. The bladder infection has cleared. My bloodwork was A-OK!!!! Because of worry over my sister's heart problem, my doc wants to check me out with a stress test next week. I will probably croak after 10 minutes on the treadmill! We did discuss Meridia to help me lose this stubborn weight but he wants the stress test first because Meridia can exacerbate (new word, Peachie) heart conditions - if you have one. So - do I start training for my 10 minutes or just take my chances?

Hershey is soooo huge these days. We go to weigh her this afternoon and she goes back to her home kennel on Sunday. The pups are due Oct 31 but she needs to get settled into the whelping "suite" and adjust to Morna's schedule. I am really going to miss her tremendously and will be waiting for that call to come "help" with the delivery. I am betting on at least 6 puppies this time!

Well, isn't this a bummer old fart post! Sorry but you are my pals.

I am going to cook myself a small steak for lunch and then go for a walk and cheer up before we go to the vet!

Catch you tomorrow.

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Oh my goodness Ruth, such bad news Here's a (((((((((((((((((BIG HUG)))))))))))))))) from me, OK?
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Last night I dreamt I was eating ice cream with Dove hot fudge sauce (I love that stuff; I eat it straight from the jar with a spoon), then decided I was going to bake a chocolate candy bar cake. Last I remember of my dream I was making a grocery list of the ingredients. Just need to keep the chocolate and other no-no's in my dreams only!

Linda - How did your weigh-in go? Hope it was good.

MamaJ - Go for the cleaning lady. I have someone come every other Saturday (tomorrow!), & it's the best $$ I spend. Have fun in San Antonio. Where are you staying? We usually stay at the Holiday Inn on the Riverwalk or at the Manger, which is next to the Alamo. Our fave place to eat is Mi Tierra which is by the market place. Low carb he!! but yummy!

Carol - Fried green tomato cake sounds interesting. Please PM the recipie to me. I'm a recipie/cookbook junkie! I think we all need to follow your lead & take a moment to realize all the joy we have in life. Especially amid all the negativity lately.

Jenny - Enjoy your busy weekend. It's so nice that you're so involved in your boys' activities.

Tippy - I wish food had no appeal for me!

Hensa - We used to have a weekly weigh in but kinda dropped it. I'm not going near a scale until my pre-binge clothes fit again, but after that I'm game. I'm going to PM you about the l/c chocolate.

Ruth - I'm so very sorry about your friend.

Hi to Peach, Pooky, Debkay and all to come.

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Good Afternoon Kids!


Tippy sweetie no appetite, not even for raspberry crisp ? Listen just go with the flow, that happened to me after having the baby and I lost lots LOL.....unfortunately my appetite came back 100 times its own strength lol. Just drink water and take your vitamins and you'll be okay. Don't you be getting sick on me sis or I'll have to drive out there and kick some ***.

I did horriable today already and my company hasn't arrived yet...OY!!! When they leave I'm tossing out all the goodies or giving it to them to take home and tomorrow its back to square one lol.

Well everyone have a Wonderful Friday Night !!

Love Leens
(love those eyes)
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Don't have time to post much, but I had to say that I'm afraid the Yanks won't have a chance to catch a glimpse of the Braves and Mr. Catcher Cute Butt, since the Diamondbacks are going to go all the way this year. Okay, so they're not my wonderful Rockies, but they're second best and they're going to win the World Series. Have you ladies ever seen Randy Johnson? He scares me even before he throws the ball!

Have a good Friday,
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Default A quick minute to post!

And watch---dear DH will come pulling into the driveway now! He somehow has a sixth sense when I get on the puter!

We had hoped to had left about two hours ago. Leaving now will put is in the midst of that darn I 10 rush hour traffic! Sit and sit and sit.

Don't have time to reply to all, so please forgive me. Just know that I am wishing you all a wonderful, relaxing AND LC weekend.

Cleaning lady results~~I'm going to go for it. I just have to work on my mentality that not being able to keep up with EVERYTHING does not make me a failure. After all, I have four separate places to clean and try to maintain on a daily basis. So, I've opted for at least once every other week! This is the dustiest damned house I've ever lived in and since DH is paying for it....maybe he'll FINALLY start picking up after his mess and helping with DS to do the same! Money talks....griping does no good!

Weekend trip~~We're staying at the Marriott on the Riverwalk. I went thru about 80 hotels and this was one that had availability for our short notice.

Darn~~ I knew it! Here is DH now--gotta run!

To everyone~~have a wonderful weekend!~ Talk to ya on Monday!


Ruth--I'll keep your friends in prayer. <<<Hugs>>>
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So sorry about your friend with the hemorage and the one with the depressed husband. Doesn't it just suck (I don't use this word often but it fits this situation) when you can't do anything about someone else's pain?

Sending prayers and good vibes your way, sweetie!

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