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Default HELP! Should I return these GORGEOUS boots???

I've got a huge dilemma and I really don't know what to do.

I've been looking for the perfect pair of black suede over-the-knee boots for AGES and I finally found them. Plus, they were on sale! Only thing is - they were sold out of my calf size, so I had to size down. Well, they just got here (NH) all the way from England and I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. They're a really rich, soft buttery suede, the foot bed fits and is super comfy, everything I'd hoped for. But too tight in the calf. I can't get them up past my knees to zip up.

When I measured around the widest part of my calf, it was 14 inches, so my closest size would be a 35 (35 cm = 13.75"). But I ordered in a 33 (13 inches). So in order to fit into them, I would have to lose an inch from the widest part of my calf. Is that possible with the amount I want to lose (25-30 lbs)???

So, what do I do? Do I keep them and hope they'll fit after I lose the weight, or return them? $195 is really pricy for me to pay for a pair of boots that I can't pull up right now, but I'd have to pay $20 return shipping too.

Here is a link to the boots, with pictures: http://www.duoboots.com/us/womens-bo...suede/vespa/d/ Aren't they DREAMY?

P.S. I would highly recommend this company - it's my first time buying from them, but I've been nothing but satisfied. Fast, free shipping, beautiful high quality boots with a full range of calf sizes if you measure correctly (just don't be dumb like I did and purposefully order ones you know probably won't fit).
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I'm gonna tell you, calves are both hard to grow with muscle (unless you're wired to grow easily) and generally aren't big fat storage areas, either. What you've got is pretty much what you'll always have. Put it this way, I've been a LOT heavier (over 250), and a LOT skinnier (under 150) and my calves have never changed. Didn't matter if I was walking 6 miles a day, lifting weights, or sitting behind a desk.

Considering the fit is good otherwise and you're looking at a $20 return fee I'd really try to find either a boot shop (usually near horse country) or a shoe repair shop and talk to them. There are such things as boot stretchers.

But don't commit unless they're sure they can get them to fit, once they've stretched them you won't be able to return them so make sure there's a plan B if the boots don't stretch enough.

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I started measuring my calves in June, and I have since lost 1 inch from the widest part (mind you, I'm still at 16.5 inches!). In that time, I've lost a bit less than 20 pounds. If that gives you any perspective.

HOWEVER, I'm never one to recommend buying or keeping a piece of clothing/shoes like that if it doesn't fit, especially something that expensive. I'd call them and see if there's anyway around that $20 charge. Sometimes some sweet talking to customer service works wonders
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Omg I just love those boots!!! I can never find nice suede over the knee boots with my large calves

but those are beautiful, BUT I also don't think I would keep them. I've noticed as I've lost weight, things that I bought a sizes smaller just don't look the way I thought they would look =(
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I wouldn't keep them. While the $20 return charge is cringe worthy, I wouldn't risk keeping them and then not wanting them or not liking the way they looked once you are able to wear them. That's a lot of money to be out.
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My husband bought me 2 pairs of boots for Christmas one was over the knee and one just over the calf. The one just over the calf was way to small I couldn't pull them over my calf so he brought them to a shoemaker and had an elastic panel put in on the side which worked perfectly but now that I have lost 27 lbs they are loose. I usually lose weight on my legs but that being said its a risk keeping your boots you might be better off returning them and order another pair at a later date
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My rule is that if something is expensive, it must be awesome as is or I don't buy it/send it back. I work too hard to give my money to people who can't make something awesome or keep my size in stock.

Or so I say as I type this from work.
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Leather stretches to a certain amount, so I would take it to a leather worker or a shoe repair shop and ask them if it can be stretched first. I bought a pair of leather boots that were very tight and I could barely zip them when just wearing leggings and I've worn them so that they've stretched out a bit and I can now wear thin jeans. Just make sure you ask their opinion because if they over stretch it, it could damage the leather (or just stretch marks). Also note that if they stretch it and you still find you can't wear then, you won't be able to return them at that point.

Calves are a bit tricky, some people lose weight in their calves, others not so much. There's really no way of knowing if you actually will be successful with losing in that area (For the record, 30lbs down and I haven't lost any inches). If stretching the leather isn't possible, I would return them. One thing to note is that they were out of stock in your calf size, not that they didn't have the boots in your size. I think 20$ in the hole is much preferred over 195$. I hope you find a solution, though. They are very cute boots.
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Thanks for the input, everyone!!

Unfortunately, I live in the middle of nowhere, and the only shoe repair shop in the area does rather shoddy work (from my past experience with them), so I don't trust them enough to take them there. Wouldn't want to damage this gorgeous leather!

I think I'm going to return these. Actually, I ordered the last pair in stock of the size up from my usual calf size. They might be a little slouchy, but I don't think that would be bad, given the style, and I'll be able to wear them and enjoy them now.

Mostly I've learned a lesson here. These boots were supposed to be an early birthday treat to myself and a reward for getting parts of my life on track. I wanted them to make me feel sexy, but I just felt awful and unattractive. The right size is really very important.
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for stretching cowboy boots you put a water bag in the part you want to stretch then freeze the show with that water bag in in (ziplock). The water will expand and give you a slight stretch. suede and water might be tricky though!
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