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Looking Good, Feeling Great Plus to Petite Shopping, the Home Spa, and Beauty Tips for Beautiful Chicks

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Question How do you take care of yourself when on plan?

Isn't it funny how when you are exercising and taking care of yourself nutritionally, how much more you want to take care of yourself in other ways?

For me, I am more prone to actually blow dry my hair, and put on lotion! Haha. I've even had a really strong desire to go get a mani/pedi. I even shave a lot more often, which I know my b/f apprecites!

Does this happen to anyone else?

If so, how do you pamper and take care of yourself when you are on plan?
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Starting over sucks.
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I've definitely been vigilant about moisturizing, mostly because I'm trying to counteract as much skin sag as possible (at close to 300 pounds to lose total that's a little silly, but I can dream).

Time constraints usually keep me from full out glam day to day, but my legs get shaved a lot more, and I've started to wax my facial hair.

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I get dressed in real clothes every single day (vs. showering and wearing new pajamas like I would do on weekends and such) and wear makeup every single day!

The laundry around this place since I started working out once or twice a day is ridiculous but that's the price of working out and showering a couple times a day.

I'm a little neurotic (as some of you know already...) so I matchy match my workout outfits and love having a total package for my workout (my blue and white sneakers go with half my outfits, my pink and black with the other half). Part of my workout routine is not looking like a tornado hit me until after it's over! I know people will roll their eyes but I like to put this kind of effort into my workout where I spend so much time doing it.

Definitely shave all the time now so I can wear whatever I want each day (capris, etc.) and do my hair every day even if it ends up in a ponytail by the end of the day. I was already a jewelry person and my nails (toes and fingers) are always painted to match (so much easier now that I can reach my toes!) but right now I'm sporting my NSV pedicure from a couple of weeks ago (where I felt normal at the salon and posted about it).

I wear body spray when I workout but that's my own hangup too. So afraid I might smell even though I never have (that I know of LOL).

Most days I feel really good about myself and my progress, and I don't dread getting dressed because nothing fits. Now if it doesn't fit me, it's a 50% chance it's because it's too big!
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Waka Waka!
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Oooooh! Weekly manicures at home, more care on my make up in the mornings, trying new hairdos, and even learning new amazing recipes...it gives me something to look forward to in the evening!
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S/C/G: Not Moving/In Training/Ironman

Height: 5'6


Oh snap, good job ladies! I definitely need to start using more lotion. I think showering every day after working out (because I usually only shower every other day [I live in a cool place]) is drying out my skin.

Also, I've long suspected that i have keratosis pilaris, which results in me having all these little bumps over the back of my thighs and arms. SO, I think I might go to the doctor and get a prescription for them, cuz yeh, I'm going to be wearing shorts this summer and I want my legs to look good!
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Started IP 10/21/15
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I've actually taken more care of my entire life! I'm taking on the quality over quantity attitude everywhere!
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Can I confess that I shaved my legs this week for the first time since spring 2011? Yeah, I was in a really bad place with the self-care stuff.
"I want to be improbable, beautiful, and afraid
of nothing, as though I had wings." (Mary Oliver)

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I find myself buying special bodywashes or creams, actually caring about the scents and how they make me feel vs. just the fact that they get me clean.

I moisturize more often too, and more places than just my legs.

I'm more interested in nail polish and jewelry too, and actually little things that help me with my workouts, buying bright shoe laces for my running shoes!
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MF 3/31/13
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A lot already mentioned - style hair daily, more care/time on makeup, moisturize, my biggest splurge is my weekly facial - I do it myself at home, but I splurged on some pricey product that I love.
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