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Default Any Suggestions??

I have been reading threads of how the mental image takes a while to catch up with the physical results.

Does anyone have any suggestions of how to get them together so they arrive at the same place at the same time.

I have sabotaged my weight loss several times and I don't want it to happen again. I want it off and forever.
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I've found progress pictures to be an eyeopener. I keep thinking I'm much larger than I really am, so I take a lot of pictures to see my progress and what I really look like. Also, I heard that losing weight at a slow pace helps (no more than 1-2 lbs/week). Other than that I don't have any advice since my brain is still far behind my weight loss, lol. I am interested to see what others have done.
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Great question! I'm always feeling like I'm gaining weight. My boyfriend tells me I'm crazy but when I look in the mirror I think I'm fatter. It's SLOWLY coming off for me, but (if I'm thinking clearly) I know that it IS coming off.

I know it's why some people take pictures. So they can see their progress. Pictures wouldn't be good for me though, I'm terrified of pictures. I would dwell too much on what's still wrong rather than what has improved.

But if you can handle looking at pictures of yourself you could try that!
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I know what you mean and after losing weight and gaining a few times, I think I've come up with a solution that works for me. I've been treating myself to a lot of Rewards lately. When I reached my 10%, i got a hair cut and color. When I have a NSV (non-scale victory) I buy a new lip gloss or nail polish. All these are things I didn't do before I started seriously trying to lose weight, and I'm noticing that giving myself these little treats are really helping me feel great about myself. I used to buy coffees at Starbucks nearly every day and while i can have one and stay in plan, lately I've been giving myself the option of buying one or putting the $3 I would've spent in a jar. Those $3's add up pretty quickly, and I use them to buy new underwear, a manicure, etc etc.
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nirvikalpa samadhi
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For me, pictures and also fitting into smaller clothes. I keep clothes at least one size too small on hand all the time and when I'm feeling down, or tempted, I go upstairs and try them on. I have some size 12 cords I can get into and zip but they are not ready for public viewing...yet. I still feel enormous on some days but really, I used to wear a 32 (2 sizes too large to shop at Lane Bryant) and now I can squeeze into a 12 and wear 14s every day. That makes a big difference to my body image even if I sometimes look in the mirror and see an overweight person.
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Taking pictures works for me too. I really struggle to see a difference in the mirror but am often surprised when I see a picture of myself. It is kind of odd really. I also keep a pair of jeans that I wore at my beginning weight, and every once in a while I will put them on. My brain still expects them to fit, but when I feel how big they are on me now it helps me 'see' the changes in my body.
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Thank you all so much. This site ROCKS!!! I love the picture idea.
lovingsam - when you 'see' then what do you do? How often do you have to do that?
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Id say take pics. I looked at pictures of myself from a few years ago and I didnt even recognize myself. So I just took my "before" pics last week. Ive already lost some weight but Im still pretty high up there so Im hoping to take another set in about a month or so to see if I see a change. Hopefully!!
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I know this is not going to help, but I went through a phase during my weight loss journey where I was seriously flipping out! It was when I was about 20-30 lbs from where I am now. I didn't recognize myself when I looked in the mirror at all and shopping was really difficult because I was unable to accept the size I was. I decided that I just had to give it time and stop freaking out about it. Like Sawa, I started giving myself little treats and rewards for staying on track rather than eating my anxieties. With time it has become easier and easier to recognize myself but I sometimes still surprise myself.
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Thank you all so much. This site is cool
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