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Our household can be naked chick-land at anytime of the day. We even have a habit of taking off clothes as we come in from school and work. But, usually we have on our bras and panties.
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Stepping Up
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nekkid. its the rules in our house.
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Freedom in living
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Right now it is as much as possible since hubby is in the dog house!
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i LOVE sleep capris and a "wifebeater" tank top to sleep in. i bought my particular capris at Target a few months ago. they are 100% cotton and super soft. they also make me feel sexy because they show off my booty!
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Just keep breathing!
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Sports bra, tank top and panties for normal nights. Silky or lace babydolls for 'special nights'. Sports bra and boxers for PMSy nights.
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Hubby has made me a convert to sleeping/lounging nekkid. I was very insecure at first, afraid someone would peek through a gap in the curtains or blinds, but hubby reassured me that it's a good burglary/peeping deterrent as anyone peeking in on us'll be struck blind or mad. Though it might be considered cruel and very unusual punishment.

Seriously though, now that I'm so used to sleeping nekkid, I find it so hard to wear nighties when I need to (when being guests or having guests), and I get so wrapped up in the darned jammies (doesn't matter if it's shorts and a t, a nightshirt, or a nightie of any length) I don't sleep all night, and nearly kill myself getting out of bed. I wonder, how did I do this for 35 years without a problem?

A funny thing about the nekkidness thing is what we think clothing does and doesn't hide. The first time hubby and I got nekkid, we were both so nervous (as if one would suddenly realize the other was fat when the clothes came off). Neither of us were surprised by what we saw, but we were each surprised that the other wasn't surprised. Weird, huh?

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I sleep in t shirts and just my underwear. When I have male company, sometimes I will fall asleep naked, but I always wake up sometime and put my clothes back on (well a shirt and underwear anyway). I can't sleep comfortably naked. I've been seeing one guy for over a year now, and I've recently have only walked around topless around him (I'm usually one to immediately dress after I have sex). I rarely go about unclothed even when I'm all alone in my apartment. I don't even walk around in my bra or underwear. I just have never liked looking down at my bare body. And as for me, I love men, but I prefer not to be around one who is lounging about naked (I mean sitting around, when the fun is over ) Maybe I just have a general aversion to nudity.
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sleeping in just underwear (bottoms? i hate the word "panties") and no shirt is how i roll on really hot nights. and i can never sleep in socks. EVER.
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I usually wear comfy but sexy nightshirts or capri pajamas. My BF likes the stuff I wear to bed, and I think that's important, as long as I'm comfortable to sleep. We have AC in the house, so getting hot is not a problem ("temperature" hot!!!)

I think most guys have a preference for what their partner wears in bed, and as long as it's reasonable and comfortable there's no reason not to humor him...what goes around comes around, and it's worth it in the long run!

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I've been sleeping naked since I was a teen - I toss around too much and any type of nightgown gets all twisted around on me.

I've always figured that whenever we have kids, I'll have to finally find something comfortable!
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I sleep in a big shirt, anything really loose, and sometimes shorts of pj pants. Sometimes I even wear a bra because it is so uncomfortable not to wear one...my boobs practically hit the floor, its embarrassing!
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I used to sleep naked or in cute nighties. As I gained weight this became more and more the sloppy t-shirts and underwear (I also hate having things covering my legs and feet while I'm sleeping). My mother-in-law sends me a set of silkie pajamas every year at Christmas (predictable) but I never wear them...or if I do I only wear the tops unless I'm lounging at night. They are all in the bottom drawer of my dresser .

Now that I'm losing I've been scanning the VS and various other websites, will be buying some of that stuff before long I hope.
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Addicted to potato salad!
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My husband calls what I wear a housecoat, but its really just a big nightshirt with lacy-ish details and flowers. He's just bitter because I used to wear cuter things to bed.

I could never sleep naked. I sweat too much and NEED underwear and cotton pajamas. A tee shirt at the very least, if my jammies are in the laundry.
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I sleep in sleeveless sleep shirt and short sets that I got from Fashion Bug. I don't like my legs covered either. When it gets very cold and I'm just lounging around I'll switch over to sleep capris and a matching t-shirt set.
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looking for onederland
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I read this thread a couple of weeks ago, and have to say that I was shocked at how many folks here at 3FC sleep naked (not shocked that you sleep naked, but shocked at the number of you that there were). So, I tried it. And it's wonderful! I sleep sounder with less tossing and turning and have a whole new appreciation for high thread count sheets.

So, if you've never tried it, try it now!
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