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Default NSV- Rosacea

I had my IPL treatment for Rosacea today. The nurse was delighted to see how good my skin looked. I attribute it to 1. lower weight & 2. lower grain/carb consumption.

9 mon ago this dear lady was trying nutrisystem. It didn't work for her and told her what I did, including using this site. I hope she pops in. I have so many thoughts now that I didn't have a year ago, when I was in the process of losing. Many of these ideas have originated here. Such as Fitday, food journaling a variety of reactions and not just weight loss/gain, swapping out breakfast foods for lunch or dinner options, knowing wl is possible for everyone, it wasn't only for the lucky, the nutritionist, the wl corporations. This absolute confidence that she can learn what her body needs is a wonderful and critical component to a healthy weight. It certainly escaped me for years. The isle of denial as I call it so often.

She can't have dairy in the AM because of her medicine, but she could rearrange her meals to have dairy products in the lunch or dinner slot. The various meal planning that is regualrly posted here is so helpful.

One idea that has come to me that I have learned from Taubes, Lustig & others and that I shared with her is that perhaps being overweight is not a result of sloth & gluttony but rather an energy process in the body not working properly due to the types for food eaten combined with genetic predispositions. I have a limit of calories I adhere to, however, where those calories comes from really matters. I learned that 1#=3500 cal and so I aimed for a 750 cal deficit to create a 1 1/2# wl each week.That has been adjusted over time to where I know what my cal & carbs need to be to lose. I cannot really back the 3500=1# for me but one does need to start somewhere in the creating a calorie deficit plan. I think of it like calorie calculators which gives people here such trouble. One has to START somewhere realizing that number is going to need to be adjusted. Yet, isn't that true for the rest of my life, that this number will need to be adjusted (downwards) over time. Figuring that out know along with daily weighing will help me to maintain. As I get older, I will not need more calories

I have the best present, the best body possible. It makes everything else so much better. Thank you chickies for helping me in the process.
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I had rosacea in my 2o's and i asked many how to treat them .Every one was suggaesting me to use dermalmd.I tried it with little confusion.But its great.
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