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Default Turned down Coldstone - twice!

Yesterday was the grand opening for a building I designed and it happens to have a Coldstone Creamery in it. Our office went down for the opening and they were giving away free ice cream all day. I polietly declined, although it smelled amazing and Coldstone is my favorite, made my rounds and went back to the office and had my on plan greek yogurt snack. Part of me was proud, but part of me felt like I was being too rigid.

Later that night DH wanted to go back and get his free ice cream. So I decided ok, I can get a small pumpkin, I love pumpkin and they don't have it all year, with no mix ins and still be in my cals for the day. Well we got there and they didn't have pumpkin so I tasted something else and it wasn't what I wanted, so I didn't get anything! I was more proud of my second action. This to me was something that a "normal" person would do. There is no reason to eat something when you're not that hungry and it's not what you truely want. Just like when they get gross birthday cake at the office. I used to always have a huge piece til I realized how gross most grocery store birthday cake is and that it's so not worth it. If you're going to indulge, at least make it worth it. When I got home I had some soy ice cream with some nuts and felt good about my decisions.

I will say that if we weren't going out of town for DH's b-day this weekend, where we'll be having a very indulgent dinner, I would have absolutely partook in the free ice cream at some point. But I feel good that I'm able to say no so that I can do something else later. That's what's this is all about right - all things in moderation.
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Ice cream is hard for me to say "NO" to as well.
(And I'm proud to say, I've been 2 months strong with out it-YAY.)
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That is great!! Great NSV

So true about the cake and other junk that just isn't worth it. My daughter had her choir concert last night and with your ticket they bring you a plate of dessert. I've tried refusing but if they see you have an empty spot, they keep bringing the dessert. So I took the plate and pushed it away. I was quite proud not to touch the 3 cookies, the chocolate, or the piece of cake. The cake was most likely Costco and everyone around me ate everything. It just wasn't worth it to me. If I want a special dessert, I'd rather it be a quality treat!
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Good for you, it is an accumulation of such moments that leads to long-term success!
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That is great! I, too, struggle with "normal" behavior with food, and the balance of being on plan but being flexible. I'm sure that's going to be an issue in maintenance for me, so it's really interesting to see how you're coming to terms with it.

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Congratulations! I LOVE ice cream, and my absolute favorite is frozen custard, but Cold Stone is a close second, for being more like frozen custard than regular ice cream (softer and creamier). I am not sure if I could have tasted some and still resisted. Once it's in my mouth, it's all over. That's a true thing to be proud of!
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That's a victory if I've ever heard one!
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Good for you! I know I use to eat for the pure sake of just eating. A lot of us here have come a long way from that.

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There's a Coldstone just outside the entrance to my supermarket (supermarkets are anchor stores in malls here) and I swear they have a chocolate chip cookie smell generator pumping from dawn to dusk. I hate that place. Come to think of it, there's either a Coldstone or Baskin-Robbins in front of every supermarket in town. No wonder one in five people here has frickin diabetes.
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Originally Posted by ncuneo View Post
Yesterday was the grand opening for a building I designed [snip]
Okay, the thrill of walking through a building that YOU designed, yes, you, and finally see realized, down to the last detail, has to exceed any momentary pleasure given by a mouthful of ANY ice cream.

I'd rather design a building & see my blueprints & scribbled notations realized than eat a half-gallon of any flavor in the world. You hear that? Any. Flavor. In. The. World.

Good for you for having that building completed, especially during these hard times, when a lot of construction projects have gotten shelved till better economic times come back around.

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