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Sneaking in here gals

All I can say is just keep setting the example for your guys...

I am lucky that Angie has always done that for me...and has never pushed me to take care of myself.

I will say, honestly, she has really only said something about 3 times in the 15 years we have been married....I will share....

#1 ~ When we were dating I was able to "sneak" being a smoker from her for 3 in the HE** I was able to do that is beyond me...but, long story short...after being very ...and I mean very very ...I asked her what if I don't stop?....will you dump me?...she said no...but you cannot EVER smoke around mean I have to just can't smoke around every time I wanted to smoke I had to go outside or away from her...we live in a tri-level...I had always smoked in my house...she moved in after we were married and I was allowed/agreed to smoke only in the downstairs bathroom....thank God I quit almost 13 years ago...but she never said another word AFTER she found out about it, almost 2.5 years.

#2 ~ She was going for a walk...something I never did with her...about a year into our marriage...she said do you want to come along? thanks...OK she says with a disappointed look ..I ask if everything is all right...she says...Well, I have just realized you will always be a few steps behind me....I'm like...what is that supposed to mean...she says...nothing, gotta I sat and stewed....started walking with her some after increased into what most of you know about us 14+ years later...just finished 4 miles with her and the dogs this morning

#3 ~ When we met I weighed right at 160....I was almost 41....about 2.5 years ago when I was 53 I weighed 201, the highest I have ever my wife has never-ever said anything about my weight....until I came out of the shower one day and she says "who's your little buddy?" ...she meant my tummy not my family jewels

All of us guys are created different in our desires to take care of ourselves...but I do know for me, my desire is much stronger because I want to please my wife and be able to do things with her for as long as I can....

most of you know she is a go-getter with her yoga and running (when her knees are OK)....she is training now for another mud run with my daughter and daughter in law and a Mother-Daughter 10 with my daughter...AND...she is really considering doing a 1/2 marathon next Jan. when my daughter runs her 4th marathon....

she goes pretty good for 50

My wife knows she can just about get me to do anything if she works it right....

All I can say gals is keep on trying...but most of all take care of yourselves first ....maybe those guys will come along...maybe not...but you won't regret what you do for YOU!

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Allison and Dagmar, I sort of agree dogs can be home alone 12 hours but I have one, Kodiak, who will punish me if I’m not home before dark. He won’t eat, he’ll sulk, whatever he can do to make me notice how irritated he is. He does get daily walks, usually at 4:30 in the morning and he’s ok being put in his Kody Kingdom Kennel in the dark. I just am not to leave him there once the sun sets. J

EZMONEY, you are so right about setting the example. And congrats on having such a great wife to show you the way. I loved your post.

DH and I just walked the neighborhood with the pack. The “big block” is the 3 mile loop that goes up a ridiculous hill that used to have me stopping 3 times just to make it. Today I cruised right up. At the top I mentioned to DH how amazing it is that 4.5 weeks ago I had a 8-9 hour major surgery and I just zoomed up the hill. To me, that’s amazing.

Yesterday was artistic day. I have a friend at work who is struggling to get going on a diet and exercise plan. She’s overwhelmed at work, at home and in life. I challenged her to try getting up a half hour early and exercise. BTW, it was her that came to me as I wouldn’t push her just like I won’t push DH. I’ve lent her 3 WATP DVDs to get her started. I told her I would reward her if she made got up early for one week. Of course I added not a food reward. So I made her a cool stained glass suncatcher yesterday. She said to hang it in my office so she could see it and want it. It’s a oval bevel with a sandblasted wolf. I made a bright medium blue border and then encircled it with decorative ladder chain. DH was looking at it and thought I should make one for us. Then I continued working on a drawing of Kai Pixie Bear that I’d started on Friday evening. It has been about 3 years since I’ve practiced my drawing and the itch has been there for a couple months to get back into it. Yesterday I could definitely see Kai emerging from the paper. I also ordered Rosetta Stone Spanish so I can polish my college Spanish. Since I plan to vacation in Mexico at least yearly, I wanted to converse better than I did this past trip. Overall, this weekend has been great so far. We’re BBQ’ing a turkey on our weber grill for dinner tonight. I LOVE turkey and it’s so good for me. Can’t go wrong with that meal.
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Originally Posted by lilybelle View Post
Hi everyone, just checking in. I am still waiting on my liver transplant. Although I am feeling a little better (and look less jaundiced for now).

I'm sure by the time I have my surgery and recovery that I'll be needing to be back in the weight Loss chat (more than here in Maintainers). I'm just too tired and am being very much house-bound right now.

I'm sure my weight is probably up by 10 lbs. or so right now, and I really am still watching what I eat. It's too depressing for me to get on a scale right now. (massive steroids and lack of exercise is really making weight maintenance impossible for me at this point).

I hope everyone else is doing great. I miss you all.
I believe this is the last post from Lily. LIly, have you had your surgery ? I hope you are recovering and that is why we haven't heard from you. I miss you and I am sure others do, too. If you are not up to posting maybe your daughter can post an update. Everyone is pulling for you.

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Has anyone heard from lilyb?
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