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S/C/G: 153/120

Height: 5' 4"

Default 3 lb weight on question?

I dropped to my goal weight of 127 ( I am 5'4") last March. I then ( on the same diet) proceeded to drop down to 117.
I was hoping to get down to 115.
I also started WL in April ( of course this was the wrong way since I had been doing all cardio as I was losing weight).
Anyway my diet is very similar in calorie intake though I am eating more protein as is suggested for WL and the only other difference is that I make my own chicken broth and have a veggie/turkey soup for lunch.
My question is why is it that I can't seem to get back to 117? I hover between 118 and 120.
My husband says it's because I have put muscle in the place of fat.
But aren't muscles supposed to burn more calories than fat???
My pants (size 6) are not tighter --maybe a bit looser actually but I can't figure out why I can't get back to 117 and my dream of 115?
Is it the muscle building or the soup?? or what??
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It's muscle and that's a GOOD thing! Your body composition has changed by adding muscle and losing fat. At your height and weight, you're probably at a very good body fat % now. A measly two pounds on the scale is meaningless. What counts is how you look, how you feel, and how your clothes fit.

Please try and be happy right where you are -- it sounds like you're in a very good place!
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IMO, it's the WL/muscle building. My advice is simple - let go of the scale number. Your clothes fit as well or better and you don't walk around with your weight tattooed on your forehead. You're likely stronger than you were. You're building muscle which is more metabolically active and will let you eat more - though not huge amounts more. Not trying to offend here, but many of the maintainers have discovered that maintenance means finding new goals/measures, most of which include health and fitness.
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