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Default Did anyone watch Shaq's Big Challenge on ABC?

I came across it by accident. My two oldest dss (13&11) watched it with me. It was heartbreaking. I hope they can give some good advice during the show and not exploit the kids. I also hope it will make people really LOOK at their kids. These were morbidly obese children whose parents just thought they were a little heavy. Frightening!
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Yes it was really sad. The one girl couldn't even make it through a stress test....
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I caught the last half of it on TV last night. I look forward to seeing the future episodes. It was truly sad but I also hope it helps parents take a better look at their own kids and what they are feeding them. I really liked getting to see the MRI pic's of what the obesity actually looks like on film. This really made it very real for me.
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I really wanted to see it, but I forgot it was coming on. Maybe ABC will put it on the web..
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2 wheels is plenty :D
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I liked it - I think it is so important to get people thinking about healthier eating and exercise habits while they are young to build habits for later. I do wish there was more focus on exercise outside of the gym - there are soooo many things kids do normally that are great exercise! Riding bikes, playing games and on and on....these are things that are a lot more fun than what Shaq had those kids doing. If I was one of those kids I would have been cheating on the exercise, too. I am looking forward to the next one, tho. Those are some neat kids!
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I saw the previews and it looks like a great show. Hopefully more kids will watch it and take it to heart to get out there and exercise. My DD is in a marching band and she told me stories about one kid who is obese and can't keep up with the marching. He's in her section (percussion) and she wants to get her section together this summer at least a few times a week to get in shape by walking and/or jogging around the school track. I'm glad she wants to do this and hopefully her section will want to do it with her. She has the best interests of this kid at heart and she doesn't want to see him struggle next year.
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