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Default Body Love!

I'm scrounging around on this forum, and I don't see much talk about body image before losing weight.

I feel that, before we try to lose weight, it's important to focus on loving ourselves first, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Put a lot of emphasis on physically.

There's nothing wrong with wanting to lose weight, be it for appearance or health. But we gotta remember that no matter what size we are, be it a size 0 or 12 or 22 or 32, we gotta love ourselves!

What do you folks do to make yourselves feel beautiful? Personally, I like to wear vintage-cut dresses and do pinup makeup. Sometimes I even throw myself a mini photo shoot and take way too many selfies. What about you?
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I think if you have a strong love for yourself WITH the added weight it will help you succeed in your journey.
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That is a tricky question for me... I never fully realized how big I had gotten until I lost the weight and I didn't likeyself at even 136 lbs in high school. I still have problems with loving my body, I don't punish or hate myself but I never really dress up without a social occasion or even bought dresses without help from friends.

I guess, recently I bought myself a new bra and pants... I know it sounds mediocre and silly but this whole journey I promised myself I wouldn't buy too many new things unless I absolutely needed them until goal. But my bras were just too loose and uncomfortable, my pants while they fit were still slowly falling off and just looked saggy and un-flattering. So I did it, for my body! And even if it only lasts a month then so be it. It will be a month of my body in clothes that fit and give me a better shape and support. So that's a big step to body love for me!!!

You're so right that we have to love or bodies no matter what, cause it's not about the weight. I still feel fat even after loosing weight, its a mental thing and it won't magically change with my weight. I have a few mini goals set up for helping me feel beautiful but they all center around loosing weight. Maybe that's a bad thing, I don't know. One thing I really want to get is a new haircut but I'm waiting cause I want a style to match my goal body and not my now body

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Wink Great thread!

Hey Ashley,

Thanks for posting this wonderful thread!

Body love IS so important. I gained about 20 lbs after I was diagnosed with hypothyroid. I had no energy to work out, and I struggled with eating too much from being depressed about the weight gain. Vicious cycle right? I realized I needed to accept and love myself & my body no matter what. It wasn't difficult. I realized I can't obsess about being "skinny". It was always so important to me in the past. I also used to always cleanse or go on some strict diet to lose. I know now that this is a life change not a quick fix.

My thyroid levels are back to normal & I'm actually weening off my meds & healing my thyroid naturally with guidance from a holistic practitioner.

So here I am, not trying to lose fast or starve myself. I did do a 12-day detox, but that was to clean my body of toxins and get back on healthy foods. It wasn't a starvation detox. There was a healthy menu during. The good thing is I no longer crave the foods that are triggers for me. So I'm just loving myself, eating healthy, & doing some yoga.

How do I express my body love? I don't say negative things about myself or my body. I say positive loving things to myself & pamper myself with bubble baths, & essential oils!

Thanks for all the shares!
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