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Default Bet you're glad Weight Watchers has changed

I saw these recipe cards from WW back in the 1970s and I think the goal was to gross you out so much you had absolutely no appetite for food.
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My mom says WW was a great diet for her in the 70's. She'd make the food, then it would be so gross that she would throw it away, 0 calories LOL
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I joined WW for the first time in 1972 (I was 8 years old) and WW always focused on eating as "normally" as possible - meaning as much like non-dieters as possible.

I collect cookbooks and I have a few from the 1970's and have several (most not diet) containing recipes about as appetizing. It's both sad and funny that these recipes are more characteristic of the 1970's than they are of Weight Watchers specifically.

I had one book (not a diet cookbook) that has at least a dozen casserole recipes calling for hot dogs, and apparently Velveeta was considered gourmet fare. Canned fish, dried beef apparently was also quite popular. And Durkee fried onions in a can went on just about everything except jello. (Now the jello cookbooks from this era are REALLY scary).

As a child of the 70's, I remember some odd concoctions my mom would make from cookbooks (some even containing tuna and Velveeta), but mostly she followed family recipes that were more classic.

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Love these! And, incredibly, I've seen them before. I don't even do WW!
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hahahha they look so bad!
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Suck it up, buttercup!
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Well, I don't know about the 70s but I still don't like their recipes. I sometimes check the cookbooks and magazines and hardly ever find anything that looks good, doesn't include artificial stuff or their products.
I don't think I tried a single recipe I really liked.

As aimeebell said: "then it would be so gross that she would throw it away, 0 calories"
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You are far, far, FAR from the first person who's ever linked to that site! Maybe we just oughta make a sticky out of it? It is a riot though
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All I remember is 5 fish and week and liver ugh
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So... much... mackeral...

And that liver pate en masque
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OMG I laughed so hard I cried. Marcy must be stopped.....haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..... still laughing!!!!!
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pretty funny. "onion sauce, no end of a snuff movie" lol.
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Hahaha pretty funny
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That's hilarious, and gross.

That being said, they do actually have some pretty great recipes today. There's one my mom still makes sometimes, they're not even trying to lose weight. It's good, basically chicken breast and sliced onions cooked in an herby tomato sauce.
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